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A Mother’s Day Music Playlist This particular playlist highlights the love and strength of those special ladies who gave us life. As we approach Mother’s Day, we’re going to provide lists for those who are getting ready to visit or spend time with their mother, or are celebrating a first Mother’s Day themselves.  Some songs […]

Texas Man And His Daughter Create Empowering Children’s Youtube Series Parents everywhere can relate to the struggle of listening to old, repetitive and – let’s admit – pretty annoying internet nursery rhyme series.  Many of these programs include developmental and informational content. No matter how redundant the songs, the babies cannot get enough of some […]

Creative And Fun Easter Sunday Ideas For The Kids Ahead of this weekend’s Easter holiday, some people may be wondering what to do with the littlest of guests. Kids have such short attention spans, getting them dressed for Easter dinner or taking them to hear the good Sunday word may not suffice for the whole […]

Adorable Melanated Tots Blessing The Internet The baby fever is real! We know what it’s like to be scrolling along through your favorite app, then suddenly, there’s an adorable baby sharing their precious giggle or a toddler doing something hilariously adult like. in light of current events, sometimes social media content can become extremely heavy […]

Disney Dreamers Academy ambassador Kelly Rowland spoke to Global Grind Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden about her kids' Disney favorites and her own Disney dream role she's currently manifesting on her vision board.

The celebrated singer-songwriter is also an outstanding mom; head inside to gush.

This one is especially for the men who rarely cook for their queens. Today is National Men Make Dinner Day. Yes, it is a real national holiday and you should celebrate and prepare a nice home cooked meal for your family tonight.

Kelly Rowland's husband Tim Weatherspoon is one of our favorite dads; head inside to see why.

Congratulations are in order for Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle.

Not every father can express himself the way Melo does, so we notice the love, we applaud it, and we hope more dads follow suit.

The hosts get matching tats from celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo and during Jada's session he describes his recent encounter with Asian hate.

He's not just a famous actor or wrestler, he's the best kind of father to three beautiful girls; see some heartwarming moments inside.