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BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

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Meech and Terry rediscover the Black Mecca of Atlanta. Both brothers learn the process of breaking into the scene in Atlanta will not be as easy when they are met with the old guard who wants to retain.


BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

The episode begins with Meech, Tee, Loco and the rest of BMF in the club. Meech gets Loco to trust Tee by telling him that Tee played a big part in making sure the last shipment was successful. He also shares that they have plans to expand to St. Louis and Loco is pleased. Stacks makes his way up to Meech and assures him that there will only be positive vibes moving forward. As Meech is introducing Stacks to Tee, they spot Remi. Without hesitation, they bumrush Remi and his crew and start a brawl. Once they exit the club, they come across a famous boxer Mac Attack Hollander. The brothers are impressed with his car, especially the retractable seats he shows them. As he continues to show them his cars special features, shots began to ring off. When the dust settled, it ended up being another Detroiter, Diesel, who was shot and killed. 

2. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

Back at the crib after the shooting, Stacks blames Remi and proposes that they go get him and his crew in Techwood. Tee, Tina and another member in the crew chime in and state they don’t think it’s a good idea. They doesn’t think it’s a good idea because they’re aware that Remi has the whole projects on lookout for him at all times. Stacks informs them that he has a young girl who sneaks him in and out of Techwood and they could use her to help them. Tee didn’t think it was a good idea because he and Meech still needed to go to St. Louis and see about expanding. Meech quickly shut that thought down and told his younger brother that as soon as someone violates them, they have to retaliate and make an example. 

3. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

Back in Detroit, Charles continues his plan to try and get Lucille back. He meets up with Sister Riley from the church at a coffee shop. He tells her that he wrote Lucille a song in an attempt to fix things. He then asks her if she’d be able to get the band to record the instrumentals for it. Sister Riley grabs Charles hand as she gladly is willingly to help him out. Unfortunately for Charles, Estelle only catches the last bit of the interaction (them holding hands) and looks extremely pissed about it but decides to walk away. Elsewhere, Detective Bryant is released from jail. He’s surprised to see that it’s Tyson and Chcuk (Henri’s guys) who have come to pick him up. While they’re in the car, Bryant peeps that Tyson and Chuck, who happens to be sitting in the backseat, t are plotting. When Chuck tries to stab him, Bryant burns him with a cigarette while fighting off Tyson and eventually escaping the car. 

4. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

In Atlanta, Meech and Tee get into an argument over Meech being in a war. Meech explains that it’s Ty’s crews’ beef and since Ty was family, it’s his beef too. Tee brings up the fact Remi has home field advantage, making their plan to attack him dumb. Meech rebuttals by telling Tee that people get comfortable and complacent in their own hood and that all they would need to do would be find their weakness and take them out. The following day, the two of them and Stacks scout Techwood and devise a plan of attack. At the police station in Detroit, we find out that Amberson got Lenny to speak since he’s a third striker. He told them that he got the ambulance for Tuan, who works for Henri (who they think is a guy). Tyson returns and has to break the news to Henri that Bryant got away, which pisses her off. Now angry, Henri challenges Chuck to show her that he isn’t weak since he couldn’t beat Bryant. He doesn’t fight her back at first, but once he notices everyone around him laughing, he engages. As the fight intensifies, Henri ends up getting Chuck on the ground where she stabs him to death. She then orders her men to pull the security on Kevin and to find her Bryant. 

5. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

Rip plays Meech a track that he had been working on all day. He tells Meech that if anything happens to him, he has to make sure that his song gets out. Meech tells him that he won’t have to because he’s done with the game. Meech continues by telling him that he watched his father ruin his music dreams and he can’t let him do the same. 

6. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

When Duffy and Tee return from the gun range, Tee asks Meech where Stacks was since he was supposed to be there with them and he wasn’t. When Meech asks him why, Tees tells him that he was talking to Duffy and Stacks was starting to seem like B-Mickie. Meech assured Tee that he had everything under control and was already taking care of it. Back at the Flenory home, Lucille is caught off guard when Pastor Flemming asks her to be her assistant pastor. Lucille is flattered by the offer but asks if she can pray on it, to which Pastor Flemming replies yes. 

7. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

Angel rents out the strip club for her and Meech. She performs a special routine for him to show him how thankful she is for him getting Greeny out of her life. Angel expresses how she doesn’t feel good about the Remi situation and how’s she scared of losing him. Before they become intimate, Meech tells her that she and everything else will be fine. Back in Detroit, Estelle makes her way to the Flenory home and informs Lucille of what she thought she seen transpire between Charles and Sister Riley. Lucille is shocked and says that she should have known better. 

8. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

When Charles gets home, he sees Lucille with a bat in hand. She tells him that she heard about his breakfast date. As she berates him, he lets her know that he was with Sister Riley and she was helping him record the song. He then performs the song for her. Lucille absolutely loves it. Charles tells Lucille that he is not done fighting for them even though he knows that Maurice is back around. Lucille tells him that he’s stuck in the past and she’s trying to move into the future. He asks her whose to say that the past and the future can’t look the same because he still sees her in both. The two begin to kiss and eventually head upstairs. In Atlanta, Tina pulls up on Meech, Angel and Tee and lets them know that Stacks was playing them this whole time. She also shares that it was the MKs who did the drive-by that killed Diesel and not Remi. Meech devises a plan (which included having Angel get a message out through her stripper friends) to flip what him and Stacks originally planned. After Meech fills the crew in on what happened with Stacks, he tells them that he’s about to head over to Techwood to make a temporary deal with Remi. Duffy, Rip and the whole gang agree to slide with him. In Detroit, we find out that Amberson’s father is running for reelection. The main reason she isn’t answering his calls is because he didn’t visit her in rehab but now that she’s a cop, he wants to use her on his campaign trail. She mentions how fake people like her father make her sick, which prompts Jin to tell her that she wants to tell her something important, but in another setting. As Meech, Tee and the crew pull into Techwood, Stacks’ young girl called and tipped him that they were there and something was about to go down. Bryant visits Kevin in jail and notices that he has been badly beaten. Bryant realizes that Henri has pulled his protection. Kevin then sadly shares that he had been raped, which broke Bryant’s heart. He tells Kevin to hold on and he’ll get him out of there. Later at the Flenory home, Lucille is looking at Maurice’s card about to pleasure herself when Charles enters the room. She agrees to have sex with him one time and then says he would have to go back to his room. 

9. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

Jin tells Amberson everything about Bryant. Amberson agrees not to tell on Jin and instead take the information they have to Garr and get an arrest warrant for Bryant. She then shares that she’s been thinking about calling her father back. The two share drinks and decide to do karaoke. Their fun is interrupted by Bryant knocking at the door. Once he’s inside, he tells Jin that he needs her help. Jin responds by asking who Henri is. Bryant tells her that he’ll tell her later but he needs her help immediately. Amberson says they should just lock him up right then and there before Bryant tells her to shut up. As he tries to tell them that it’s about Kevin, the house begins to get sprayed with bullets. Jin and Bryant shoot back and end up hitting a couple of Henri’s men, causing them to pull off. When the gunfire stops, they hear Amberson gasping for air because she had been shot multiple times in the exchange. As Jin cause an ambulance (Amberson appears to basically be gone at this point), Bryant gets a page and quickly leaves. Amberson ends up dying in Jin’s arms. We find out that the page Bryant received was in regards to Kevin. Juvie seemingly became too much for him and he committed suicide. He left Bryant a note where he told his father that he loved him and that he’d always be his hero. 

10. BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills

BMF Season 3 Episode 5 Stills Source:Starz

Meech, Tee and the gang arrive in Techwood and the tension is extremely high. Meech surprises Remi when he warns him about the MKs plan to ambush both of their crews later that night. To no one’s surprise, Remi denies Meech’s offer to work together. Meech notes that there’s no way of keeping Techwood safe if they let it get torn to pieces by the MKs. Although Claude chimes in and states that Meech has a point, Remi doesn’t want to hear it and pulls out his gun instead, causing every person from each side to do the same. It’s a standoff until one of Remi’s lookouts is shot off a roof. The MKs (and Stacks) pull up guns ablazing and a warzone ensues, with plenty of casualties on both sides. In the midst of the ruckus, a young boy approaches Remi with a gun in hand, wanting to help. He ends up getting shot and killed by Glock. The kid’s father is understandably upset and blames Remi for it. Also in the heat of battle, Rip is shot and killed, much to the dismay of Meech, who had just told him that he was done with the game. He told him that he made them proud and that everyone would know him threw his music. As BMF’s numbers started to dwindle and their backs were being up against the wall, Sterl and the PA Boys come in firing from every direction and save the day, as they allowed Meech, Tee and the rest of the crew time to escape. Once they’re gone, Glock ends up killing Stacks. Back at Meech’s crib, everyone mourns Rip’s death. Meech once again vows to put Rip’s music out so everyone can remember his name forever. Tee, Sterl and Hoop are about to head back to Detroit, Tee asks Meech where his bags are. Meech tells him that he’s not going back to Detroit because he has family in Atlanta and he can’t leave them. He continues by saying even though they lost the battle, the war isn’t over. Tee expresses that he just wants to make sure his brother is good. The episode ends with Meech telling Tee that he’ll be good and that they both should take of their respective families in their cities. 

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