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New Music Released This Week (March 11 – March 15):

1. Don Diablo, Major Lazer & Baby Lawd – Jiggy Woogie

Source:Don Diablo

In an electrifying collaboration that bridges continents and genres, the globally acclaimed Don Diablo and the iconic Major Lazer release their latest track, “Jiggy Woogie,” out now on Don Diablo’s label HEXAGON. This groundbreaking single also features the legendary vocals of Jamaican sensation Baby Lawd, whose original version of the track took TikTok by storm, even capturing the attention of superstar Jennifer Lopez, who showcased her dance moves to the viral hit. “Jiggy Woogie” was premiered to an enthusiastic crowd last month in February at the prestigious Untold Festival in Dubai, marking a historic moment as Don Diablo and Major Lazer shared the stage to debut the track. The performance was not only a testament to the artists’ incredible synergy but also a preview of the worldwide impact this release is poised to make. The release of “Jiggy Woogie” is a celebration of global musical fusion, showcasing the unique talents of Don Diablo, Major Lazer, and Baby Lawd. Fans around the world can look forward to experiencing this vibrant track, which promises to be a staple on dance floors and airwaves alike.

We are thrilled to bring ‘Jiggy Woogie’ to our fans across the globe,” said Don Diablo. “Working with Major Lazer has been high on my wishlist for a few years now, and this track represents more than just music; it’s a cultural moment, bringing together artists from different backgrounds to create something truly special.” – Don Diablo

We had a blast working with the legend Don Diablo and Baby Lawd on this one. ‘Jiggy Woogie’ embodies the spirit of collaboration and the joy of music, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” – Major Lazer

2. Kizz Daniel – TZA

Source:Kizz Daniel

Award-winning global music superstar KIZZ DANIEL is showering his loyal fans aka Vado Nation with gratitude via his new EP aptly titled THANKZ ALOT. The 4-track project is a heartfelt expression of appreciation to fans and listeners across the world for their unwavering support throughout his decade-long staple as one of the leaders of afrobeats music. Revered for his dynamic global music sound and captivating performances, Kizz Daniel aims to connect even deeper with his listeners on this new Thankz Alot EP, which serves as a token of his gratitude to them, with the title reflecting Kizz Daniel’s sincere appreciation for the love and support he has received from his fans.

Led by the previously released ‘Twe Twe’, which is already one of the biggest afrobeats songs of 2024, and ‘Too Busy To Be Bae’ that has amassed over 50 million plays online, Kizz Daniel’s Thankz Alot EP reveals the Nigerian chart-topping musician at his versatile best, leaning into diverse afrobeats soundscapes, while showcasing his unique and matchless musical pedigree. Speaking about his inspiration for releasing this Thankz Alot EP, Kizz Daniel says, “I am incredibly grateful for the love and support I have received from my fans throughout my career. ‘Thankz Alot’ is my way of expressing my appreciation and giving back to them for their unwavering support.”

As he announced at the start of the year, 2024 sees Kizz Daniel marking a decade at the top of afrobeats music, and on the back of this new Thankz Alot EP, the Nigerian sensation will be commemorating this milestone with worldwide ‘Vado at 10’ celebrations taking place all over the world throughout the year. Kicking off proceedings in the United Kingdom this May, Kizz Daniel will be taking over the OVO Arena in London on May 6, before taking his ‘Vado at 10’ celebrations to Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, and North America over the summer, and wrapping up the ‘Vado At 10’ proceedings with homecoming concert parties across Africa in the autumn.

The international pop began 2024 with one of the biggest songs in Africa already under his belt – his latest single ‘Twe Twe’ and its remix featuring Davido have amassed over 110 million plays online, while spending two weeks at #1 on TurnTable Charts Official Nigeria Top 100. This new single ‘Twe Twe’ comes on the back of the success of Kizz Daniel’s fourth studio album Maverick, which has amassed over 1 billion streams, and birthed hit tracks like ‘Cough’ featuring Latin pop sensation Becky G, and 2022’s afrobeats song of the year ‘Buga’, which the Vice President of Nigeria has described as the country’s second National Anthem, having amassed over half a billion plays online.

Since bursting onto the scene with his cult-classic debut single ‘Woju’ in 2014, Kizz Daniel has continued to lead from the front when it comes to afrobeats music. His debut album New Era was The Headies’ ‘Album of the Year’ in 2016, while he was nominated for The Future Awards Africa the following year. Driven by the massive hit track ‘Necessari’, Kizz Daniel’s 2018 sophomore album No Bad Songz topped the iTunes World Album Chart on its first day of release. Since 2020, the Nigerian sensation has released three critically acclaimed projects, King Of Love, Barnabas, and Maverick, birthing essential afropop tracks like ‘Boys Are Bad’, ‘Lie’, and ‘Rich Till I Die’.

3. Neliie Charles – BO$$

Source:Nellie Charles - Topic

Introducing Manchester-based UK R&B singer, songwriter, and musician NELLIE CHARLES with her first single of the year titled ‘BOSS’. Serving as the lead single to her upcoming debut EP that arrives this summer, ‘Boss’ emerges as a vibrant declaration of self-assurance and empowerment, encapsulated within the rich textures of modern R&B. Crafted from a tapestry of personal triumphs and trials, ‘Boss’ is a sonic exploration of self-worth and the intricate dance of modern relationships. The song’s genesis was a deeply introspective process for Nellie, who aimed to fuse the soulful echoes of classic R&B with a fresh, modern twist. Throughout its creation, from melody conception to the final production stages, Nellie has meticulously sculpted ‘Boss’ to embody empowerment, weaving smooth rhythms with harmonious backing vocals to underscore its message of confidence and assertiveness.

At its core, ‘Boss’ is a bold narrative of claiming one’s space within the dynamics of love and respect, driven by Nellie’s relatable songwriting, her amazing voice, and her infectious R&B slow jams vibe. Drawing inspiration from her personal journey of self-discovery and the quest for mutual recognition in a relationship, Nellie wants to articulate a potent message with ‘Boss’: knowing your value and demanding the respect you deserve. The lyrics, rich with imagery of assertiveness and luxury, mirror Nellie’s conviction in the importance of self-worth and the courage to stand as an equal partner. “Boss” is more than a song; it is Nellie’s heartfelt ode to empowerment, inspired by the likes of Jorja Smith and Summer Walker, and crafted to resonate with anyone who has ever felt overlooked or undervalued.

Beyond its compelling sonic landscape, and its message of empowerment that echoes Nellie’s desire to inspire listeners to embrace their inner strength across all facets of life, ‘Boss’ also comes with a captivating music video (arriving March 8) that brings the track further to life. Directed by BlueBoredom, who has also worked with the likes of Digga D, French The Kid, and JBEE, the music video paints a vivid picture of Nellie’s confidence and her message of self-respect amidst the complexities of love and power dynamics. The visuals aim not only to entertain but also to empower, offering a timeless reminder of the unyielding power of knowing and asserting one’s worth in every relationship and endeavour.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Boss’ and how the song came together, Nellie says, “As an artist, ‘Boss’ is more than just a song to me – it’s a statement. It embodies my journey of self-discovery and self-respect. This song came from a place of realizing that in any relationship, my voice matters. It’s a celebration of knowing your value and not being afraid to demand the respect you deserve. ‘Boss’ was born out of a moment where I felt the need to express my strength, not just as a woman, but as a person who understands her worth. It’s a reminder to myself and to others that in love and life, we are our own bosses. The process of creating ‘Boss’ was deeply personal and liberating. It’s a blend of my experiences, dreams, and the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist.”

4. Mariposa – Hielo


Colombian and Italian artist MARIPOSA returns with an explosive new video for her single “Hielo.” The track is lined with MARIPOSA’s signature thrilling sound that is lined with booming production by Pepe Boks and rooted in fierce empowerment. Pulling from MARIPOSA’s own life, the breathtaking video embodies her journey of healing and liberation and ultimately reclaiming her power and life. Directed by Raoel Hulst, the visual sees MARIPOSA and a regime of revolutionary women leading a mission to free captured butterflies that have long been exploited in an apocalyptic era. The striking nature of the release sonically and visually cements her rightful position as one of the most exciting new artists in the Latin rap arena.

The visual follows the release of MARIPOSA’s latest thrilling body of work, Otro Mundo, which showcases her unparalleled ability to bring to life deeply confessional and complex moments juxtaposed with her youthful DIY-aesthetic, resulting in a striking universe of her own creation. The collection of riveting tracks explore themes of mental health, healing, radical self-love, and self-exploration all lined with an insatiable appetite to challenge the status quo. The striking combination of Otro Mundo’s profound confidence, sense of otherworldliness and vast sonic range serves as a crucial soundtrack in fostering an all-too-necessary return to our authentic selves which serves as a throughline in MARIPOSA’s music overall.

5. Tenille Townes – Thing That Brought Me Here (Truck Song)

Source:Tenille Townes

Award-winning singer-songwriter Tenille Townes is releasing a striking new single titled “The Thing That Brought Me Here” on Friday, March 15 via Sony Music Nashville.  A testament to the timeless belief that everything happens for a reason, Townes expresses her gratitude for the winding road of lessons learned on this sincere single. 

On “The Thing That Brought Me Here,” Townes sings “Lost and found my way with wrong and right left turns, I will keep my hands on the steering wheel, still holding on to the thing that brought me here.” Punctuating her candid chorus with shapeshifting textures and harmonies that echo her strength found in vulnerability makes Townes’ metaphor of trusting her faith all the more profound. 

6. Dustin Kensrue – High Scalers

Source:Dustin Kensrue

Dustin Kensrue releases the second single from his forthcoming alt-country album, Desert Dreaming–slated to release April 5 via BMG. Drawing inspiration from some of Marty Robbins’ old gunslinger tunes, Kensrue crafted the perfect balance of an understated intensity for “High Scalers.”

When Kensrue was scouting locations and landscapes for the album’s blueprint, he thought of a monument outside the Hoover Dam honoring the many people who had not survived building it. “Above the relief sculpture depicting the safety, power, and irrigation that the dam provided are the words ‘They died to make the desert bloom,’” recalls Kensrue. “I did a deep dive into the construction of the dam and became fascinated, especially by the high scalers who worked suspended hundreds of feet over the canyon floor and decided to give them a little extra praise in the form of a song.”

The self-produced album is Kensrue’s epic love letter to the southwest. He takes us on a personal travel journey through his own experiences in learning how to open his eyes to the world right in front of him. “The setting really is the main character of the record,” claims Kensrue as he approached the songs like a Western novelist, filling them with details of the desert–the sound of coyotes howling in the distance, the smell of sage and lilac in the dry wind, the lure of hidden treasures in the hills.

Inspired partially by childhood trips spent with his grandparents in the Sonoran Desert, these ten tunes mix biography, history, and fiction and were recorded by Kensrue with the help of collaborators like upright bassist Seth Richardson, pedal steel guitarist Abe Levy, and drummer James McAlister. Reflecting on themes including learning to experience the world as it is and not as you expect it to be, Kensrue weaves timeless tales of people too blinded by goldlust or misplaced obligation to see the riches all around them, and of souls quietly moved by the stark beauty of the desert landscape.

With Desert Dreaming Kensrue heralds a new sense of appreciation for the desert he had begun to overlook after living in the southwest for most of his life, reminding us sometimes all we need is to open our eyes, to fully appreciate what was in front of us all along. “There are things we can only learn in encounters in the hinterlands, both of the world and of our souls,” claims Kensrue. “It’s so easy to miss what’s right in front of us when we are set on finding something else and looking through mental and spiritual lenses that filter out so much.”

7. Max McNown – Dead Set

Source:Max McNown

Folk’s fastest-rising singer-songwriter Max McNown releases “Dead Set,” the second single from his forthcoming hotly-anticipated debut album, Wandering–set to release on April 12 via Fugitive Recordings (an independent record label in partnership with The Orchard). Also announced today, Max will be joining Americana folk-rock band Briscoe for the second half of March 2024see below for details and get tickets at

On the gloriously soaring, guitar-fueled anthem “Dead Set,” Max speaks to the urgency of living deliberately. “Worrying about the future can cause you so much suffering, and for no good reason,” claims Max. “‘Dead Set’ is about making the decision to approach every single day like you came back to life for the specific purpose of living that day to the fullest.” The new single is accompanied by the release of its nostalgic music video curated with personal footage found in Max’s iPhone, showcasing wholesome glimpses of him laughing with friends and family, playing with pets, scubadiving, skydiving, and more–all memories he wishes to relive.

“Mixing the raw folksiness of Noah Kahan and the stadium sized ambitions of Mumford & Sons, McNown sings the kind of songs that people will want to sing along with at the top of their lungs,”  praises Holler, who premiered the “Dead Set” video this morning. “The kind of deeply personal but widely universal songs that people carry everywhere with them for those moments when modern life feels overwhelming and out of their control.” Read the exclusive HERE.

“Dead Set” follows the release of “Turned Into Missing You,” which blew away tastemakers. Max recently spoke with American Songwriter who claimed, “Those who are fans of country and Americana have heard plenty of people say that no one is making good music anymore. Max McNown is proof that those people are wrong. His smart songwriting that stems from a young artist’s perspective is both deeply personal and widely relatable.” Read the feature HERE.

Honing in on intricate storytelling, Wandering shares anecdotes of intense heartache–examining everything from breakups to new love to the pain of watching family members overcome life’s biggest challenges. With production by AJ Pruis, Wandering showcases an ornate musical palette rich in live instrumentation of fiddle, mandolin, dreamy pedal-steel tones, and spellbinding guitar work. Yet Max took care to foreground his lyrics on every track, viewing his songs as poems set to music.

At 22, Max has already been on a storied musical journey. Taking control of his future, overcoming personal challenges and drawing inspiration from his brother who was bravely fighting cancer, Max packed his bags and drove from remote Oregon to Southern California. From there, videos of him busking on a pier made an impact online and eventually grew into a legion of supporters on TikTok.

After attracting interest from major TV talent shows, Max auditioned for one and then decided it wasn’t for him, and gracefully turned them down as he knew he needed to walk his own path. His loyal fanbase then helped Max amass 22M streams and a spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart with his breakout single, “A Lot More Free,” which was recently #1 on the TikTok Breakthrough USA chart. Watch the official music video for “A Lot More Free” HERE.

8. Baby Rose – One Last Dance

Source:Baby Rose

Undoubtedly one of the decade’s most striking voices, Baby Rose makes an explosive return today by announcing her new project Slow Burn produced by BADBADNOTGOOD that is slated to release on April 12th via Secretly Canadian. In celebration, she shares the tantalizing first track from the project “One Last Dance” accompanied by a heartfelt visual that chronicles the making of this new work directed by Sylvain Chaussée. This unparalleled collaboration and riveting body of work will undeniably establish Rose as a major force in music that is well on her way to becoming a legacy art.

Slow Burn will see Rose stepping into her rightful place within the sonic realm of alternative music with songs rooted in psych rock, country, Americana and beyond, sounds that originated from the Black community and capture a very natural arrival for the young artist. The union between Rose and BADBADNOTGOOD resembles the spirit of historic collaborations from the past that shaped the trajectory of music such as that between the legendary Aretha Franklin and Muscle Shoals, an era that has proven foundational for Rose. Part of a body of work that was born from a genuine period of deep self realization and personal growth for Rose that is Slow Burn, the first offering “One Last Dance” is lined with immense vulnerability, which has long been a signature for Rose, and it signifies a visceral moment of release and liberation with a breathtaking country flair. The visual captures the magic that was alive in the studio session that produced this new work amongst Rose and the members of BADBADNOTGOOD.

Additionally, come June 16th Rose will be gracing one of Los Angeles’ most renowned stages on Day 2 of the Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival hosted by Arsenio Hall alongside a slew of talented artists – for ticket info, visit HERE.

9. Amaarae – Angels In Tibet


Undeniably one of music’s most essential artists today, the platinum-selling Ghanaian-American artist Amaarae returns with a captivating new music video for her breakout song “Angels in Tibet” from her critically acclaimed album Fountain Baby. Directed by Yavez Anthonio, the visual brings to life the explosive force and infectious energy that catapulted the track to becoming a visual sensation featuring two beloved dancers and TikTok creators, Hamly and Beaulexx, that produced some of the most viral dances for the track. Embodying the bold and insatiable nature of Fountain Baby, the visual sees Amaarae stepping into her rightful place amongst the ranks of today’s most riveting popstars as we’re transported into a breathtaking universe of her own creation that never fails to thrill.

In addition to “Angels In Tibet,” Amaarae has multiple songs on the Billboard charts including “Princess Going Digital” and “Reckless & Sweet,” all of which follow her first global hit “Sad Girlz Luv Money” ft. Kali Uchis that has amassed over a staggering 1.4 billion streams to date. 

Following a slew of sold-out shows across Europe including Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and London, Amaarae will be arriving in the United States with her headlining North American Fountain Baby Tour. The tour marks the first time Amaarae performs her critically acclaimed new album Fountain Baby live in all of its glory. The tour kicks off in Brooklyn, NY on March 19th with two back-to-back sold out shows and will wrap up in Los Angeles on April 2nd – full tour dates below. Ticket information is available HERE.

A striking global pop offering, Fountain Baby has amassed over 174 million global streams, 156 thousand global units sold, and has cemented Amaarae as an essential music artist and an undeniable force in the pop arena and beyond. The album houses a collection of insatiable tracks that exist at the intersection of female empowerment, subversion of gender norms, and a thrilling exploration of female sexuality and artistic self expression – all while centering her West African heritage within a global lens. Lauded by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NME, The Guardian, Vogue, FADER, Variety, NPR, and many more, the project sees Amaarae’s towering talent and visions expanding beyond genre and regional confines, for a truly brilliant and palpable body of work that will establish her as an essential architect in the future of music.

10. Eminem – Doomsday 2

Source:Lyrical Lemonade

Award-winning music video director and culture-defining creator Cole Bennett shares a new video for “Doomsday 2” with Eminem from the debut album, All Is Yellow via Lyrical Lemonade/Def Jam Recordings, out now. 
All Is Yellow embodies the spirit of the Lyrical Lemonade brand, excavating disruption from every corner of the culture. Eminem lets loose with a breathless flurry on the powerhouse “Doomsday Pt. 2,” while Latto, Swae Lee, and Aminé ignite “Special.” Elsewhere, the unforgettable “First Night” assembles a once-in-a-lifetime cohort of genre-busting talent, placing Juicy J, Denzel Curry, and Lil B shoulder-to-shoulder with Teezo Touchdown and Cochise.

11. Elmiene – Crystal Tears


Elmiene shares his new single “Crystal Tears.” Produced by D’Mile (Rihanna, Ty Dolla $ign, Victoria Monét), the new song follows the January release of his EP LIVE At Rak Studios, which showcased live renditions of highlights from Elmiene’s 2023 EP Marking My Time. The new single sees Elmiene making clear references to early 2000s R&B as seen on “Mad At Fire” along with the spirit of 70’s soul ballads. The arrival of “Crystal Tears” hints at the beginning of a new era for the rising artist.

Despite having only released a couple of EPs, 22-year-old Elmiene has already made waves in the music scene. The allure of his live set is clear from his COLORS appearance, where he played an unplugged version of fan favorite “Endless No Mores” and was likened to “the magic of D’Angelo mixed with Sampha.” His 2021 track “Golden” went viral after Benji B handpicked it to soundtrack Virgil Abloh’s final Louis Vuitton show. In short order, he was invited to perform alongside Robert Glasper and Yasiin Bey for a subsequent Louis Vuitton show in Paris, notably Elmiene’s first public live performance ever. Since then, he has appeared on critically acclaimed albums by Stormzy and Lil Silva, signed with Def Jam Recordings (US) and Polydor (UK), performed at Glastonbury, made his TV debut on Later… With Jools Holland, and sold out four headline shows in London all before officially closing the books for 2023 with his North American tour. 

With inclusion in five Artists-to-Watch Lists (Spotify Artist To Watch 2024, BBC Sound of 2024, VEVO Artist To Watch 2024, Pandora R&B Artists to Watch 2024, Montreux Jazz Festival Artist to Watch 2024) the year ahead seems more than promising for Elmiene as he gears up for a string of sold-out EU, UK, and NA live shows launching April 4th at London’s Alexandra Palace Theatre. 

Listen to “Crystal Tears” above, find touring details below, and stay tuned for more from the breakout British star coming very soon.


12. LÉA THE LEOX – When You’re Lonely (Live from Salt Lick Sessions)


Last week, genre-bending artist LÉA THE LEOX celebrated Miley Cyrus for the 15th anniversary of “The Climb.” This week, she is giving goosebumps with an acoustic live performance of her R&B single “When You’re Lonely,” one year after its initial release. 

“When You’re Lonely” details a story of betrayal, reminiscence, and overcoming. Written to grieve an unrequited love, LÉA perfectly conveys the hurt one experiences when taken advantage of. The power of her heartbreak can be felt through the rawness of her voice as she sings in hindsight from a space of reflection and acceptance.

13. Bonita Jalane – So High

Source:Bonita Jalane - Topic

Hailing from Brooklyn, singer-songwriter Bonita Jalane has been captivating audiences since 2012. Not only has she graced the stage alongside musical powerhouses like Chris Brown, Monica, and Fantasia, but her vocals have also enriched recordings by artists like Cam’ron.

Now residing in Atlanta, GA, Bonita continues to make waves. She’s known for selling out local shows at renowned venues like City Winery. Her talent has garnered recognition from major media outlets like FOX News, Upscale Magazine, and Huffington Post.

Get ready to be swept away by her latest single, “So High,” produced by Gregory ‘Grams’ Moore. This fan favorite is quickly gaining momentum, and a captivating music video is on the horizon. 

14. Dende ft. J Warner – Slide


Rising R&B singer/songwriter Dende drops a new visual for “Slide” from his most recent 3-pack EP Wish You Were Here which dropped at the end of last month—continuing the storyline of his previous “Your Intro.” The cinematic visual showcases Dende serenading a long-distance lover over the phone while visiting the UK. The singer premiered the tack by giving a stunning performance on On The Radar before the project’s official release. Wish You Were Here has also earned praise from Our Generation MusicRated RnBUPROXX, and more.    

Raised in the Southern church under the guidance of a preacher father, Dende was molded into the soulful storyteller and singer he embodies today. His music reflects a genuine portrayal of his life’s experiences and those of his close friends, offering an authentic perspective on overcoming life’s obstacles. Infusing a modern twist into early 2000s style R&B, Dende’s music resonates deeply with listeners, presenting his narratives in an unadulterated manner for the world to absorb. With a robust following of over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Dende has garnered recognition from esteemed platforms such as BillboardOn The Radar, REVOLTOur Generation MusicLyrical Lemonade, and was named one of Complex’s 2024 Artist to Watch.

15. Zeddy Will – Drop

Source:Zeddy Will

Zeddy Will is back with his next release “Drop.” With its infectious rhythm and catchy hook, the song is as youthful and energetic as he and his fans are.

The video, directed by Matt Coole contains clips of his freshman move-in day as day in 2021 when he started at Howard University and concludes with turning up at the 2023 Howard Homecoming festivities. The “Drop” visual shows Zeddy living it up with his fans and fellow classmates on campus. The youthful and energetic artist gives the college demographic a homecoming banger, “Drop.” 

“I just want to keep everyone dancing, exclaims Zeddy!”

16. MC J.U.I.C.E. & All Natural ft. E-40, Casual & Del the Funky Homosapien – Paper Thick


One of the best battle rappers of all time, MC J.U.I.C.E., will be releasing his FIRST-EVER definitive album, CALIsthenics, on March 29th under the 7x NBA champion Golden State Warriors’ record label (Golden State Entertainment). The first single, “Paper Thick,” featuring E-40, Casual, and Del the Funky Homosapien is out now. 

MC J.U.I.C.E. is a living hip-hop legend who gained worldwide notoriety when he defeated Eminem in one of the most famous rap battles, with over 14 Million views! His influence is so profound to various artists that the late rapper Juice WRLD named himself to honor MC J.U.I.C.E.

17. Kenny Mason – 9

Source:Kenny Mason

Rising Atlanta rapper Kenny Mason releases his new album, (click HERE to listen) via RCA Records. The nine-track album is a sonic tapestry that seamlessly weaves together rap’s raw energy and rock’s rebellious spirit. Known for his distinctive rap/rock fusion, Kenny Mason has carved out a niche in the music scene, that continues to evolve with each project. This latest release highlights his versatility and blending of various genres to create something uniquely Kenny, but still true to his ATL roots – something he’s always excelled at but has mastered with 9.

In advance of the project dropping this week, Kenny Mason dropped two tracks off the new album last week, “JUMPIN IN” and “US” in addition to a visualizer for “JUMPIN IN” – watch here. Along with the album release, Kenny announced his 23-date Route 9 tour that starts later this month. The tour kicks off in Minnesota on March 22nd and wraps on May 3rd in Los Angeles – tickets are on sale now, click here

At the end of last year, Kenny Mason dropped his 3 pack EP, HIGHWAY 9 (click here to listen) to excite fans for his forthcoming new album. The EP project included the following tracks: “FACTS” , “PULP FICTION” , and “OFF THE RIP”. Prior to that, Kenny Mason dropped his six-track and three-track EPs –  6  and 3 – which expanded on Kenny’s out-of-the-box, genre-blending style. The and EPs are a part of an 18-track unique rollout leading up to his album 9. Having released EPs 3 and 6, which provided three and six tracks respectively; fans can expect a fresh batch of nine new songs on the album (two being “JUMPIN IN” and “US”).

Kenny has steadily been releasing new music since 2020 and collaborating with various artists. In September 2022, Kenny Mason released his mixtape RUFFS (click here to listen) which included the tracks from his EP PUP PACK and new songs such as “SPIN N FLIP” feat. Young Nudy and “MINUTE FOREVER.”  He was also a part of the single “Stick,” a Dreamville collaboration with J. Cole, JID and Sheck Wes from the D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape. Kenny has also been on the festival circuit with sets at Rolling Loud, Wireless Festival, Bonnaroo and more, in addition to making surprise appearances at 2022 Coachella on JID’s set and 2022 Governor’s Ball on J. Cole’s set. 

  With the release of his new album on the horizon and his forthcoming tour, Kenny Mason has leveled up and given fans the album they’ve been waiting for.

18. NateTaylorr – There’s Always More


R&B crooner NateTaylorr releases his first album of 2024 entitled THERE’S ALWAYS MORE. The new project includes previously released singles “QUALITY TIME” with NBDY, “CRY LATER” alongside Mellina Tey, and “FOREVER TIES II.”

Stream HERE via 1012 Entertainment

THERES ALWAYS MORE, out now, is Nate’s first full-length project since 2022’s SIGNS OF LUXURY (Deluxe) LP. He continues to captivate audiences with his velvety vocals and deeply personal lyrics. As a rising luminary in the R&B space, Nate’s new album is a groundbreaking addition to his discography, further solidifying his status as an R&B artist to keep on your radar.

Right out the gate, “MORE THAN FRIENDS” sets the stage for Nate to serenade listeners with his earworm melodies. Then, he adopts a sultry croon on “QUALITY TIME” that slows down the tempo with a dash of R&B sensibilities. “CRY LATER” finds the heartthrob secluding himself in a destructive, yet addictive love cycle that’s too good to let go. “FOREVER TIES II” is a previously released loosie that’s filled to the brim with a labyrinth of emotion. Meanwhile, “OPEN INVITATION” and “VIRGO ISSUES” build off the kind of vulnerability that makes for a captivating listen. By the tail-end of the project, Nate comes to terms with the fact that love has its “PROS & CONS,” and romance is subjective. He believes that people can always find “ANOTHER LOVE STORY” – someone that’s “ALL FOR YOU” and no one else – but the pain in his heart is a “CONSTANT REMINDER” of the love he once had. 

On the new album, NateTaylorr shares “What it took to create this project will show in the experience.”

NateTaylorr is the next big artist to come out of Freehold, New Jersey with his ability to serenade crowds and light up the room. He was gifted with a voice to remember but didn’t start going full force until he lost his friend Tyler in a tragic car accident in 2015. In their last exchange, Tyler told Nate that he can make it as one of the greatest to ever do it. Nate wasted no time, and shortly after Tyler’s passing, 1012 Entertainment was born; 1012 is in honor of Tyler’s birthday.

Once Nate taught himself how to produce and record, the rest was history. His fusion of modern day R&B with Alternative Rock (and rap-like songwriting) makes for a unique dynamic that accentuates his artistic prowess. Nate’s inspirations range from The Weeknd, Drake and Travis Scott to Linkin Park. And his latest entry, THERES ALWAYS MORE, is a culmination of these different influences.

Check out NateTaylorr’s new album above, and stay tuned for more from the New Jersey vocalist. 


19. Rapsody – Stand Tall


3X Grammy-nominated recording artist Rapsody continues the campaign for her fourth studio album with an emotion-tinged new single titled “Stand Tall.” The prodigiously gifted rapper keeps her hot streak rolling into 2024 with a music video featuring her close friend and acclaimed actress Sanaa Lathan. 

The video made its broadcast premiere on BET Jams, BET Soul and the Paramount+ Times Square billboards.

“Stand Tall” is the second taste of new music from Rapsody’s highly-anticipated album, Please Don’t Cry, which is set to release on all streaming platforms on May 17th via We Each Other / Jamla Records / Roc Nation Records. The record is a rich tapestry of emotions that addresses gossip with dignity, honor, and authenticity. As a mirror to reality, Rap clears up rumors about her sexual preferences and shines a light on her anxiety triggers, preparing to pull back the curtain on who Marlanna Evans is.

“‘Stand Tall’ is the first song I recorded when I started working on this album in 2020,” Rapsody says. “I would say it represents my desire to speak to my humanness in the most free way. It started me on the journey, and it required me to be fearless, which is why I titled it ‘Stand Tall’ – be firm in who you are, legs straight, shoulder back, chest out. And, Sanaa [Lathan] was one of my guides and supporters on that journey. She offered so much insight, support, and tools to usher me through; as well as inspiring me with her own vulnerability. I’m grateful to have a friend in her and why I wanted to have this conversation with her first. She’s one of the biggest reasons I was even able to finish the album.”

Ahead of the album’s release, Sanaa Lathan shares, “Rapsody never ceases to amaze me with her poetic genius. So thrilled to see her put out her latest masterpiece with this new level of vulnerability and authenticity; all layered over infectious beats. Can’t wait for the world to experience this one.” 

Rapsody initially kicked off her campaign with the arrival of the lead single “Asteroids” featuring 3X Grammy Award-winning beatmaker Hit-Boy. The single was accompanied by a series of billboards plastered at different high traffic locations across her beloved home state of North Carolina, featuring tweets from her fans in support of Rap’s return to hip-hop that incorporated the hashtag #RapIsBack. 

Please Don’t Cry, now available for pre-order, is a more self-aware version of Rapsody. It explores the depth of her talent with more vulnerability than any prior releases. The 22-track album is primed for widespread acclaim and features collaborative contributions from Phylicia Rashad, Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne, Alex Isley, Niko Brim, and Baby Tate to name a few. The album has been four years in the making, serving as Rap’s first full-length album since 2019’s Eve. 

Elsewhere, Rapsody recently performed at Erykah Badu’s yearly birthday bash concert in Dallas for her 53rd birthday where she previewed their collaborative single “3:AM.” It’s also important to note that Rap’s album rollout will consist of original content and limited edition merchandise that features a prominent QR code for fan-first announcements. 

Please Don’t Cry is out May 17th, pre-order it here, and stay tuned for more from Rapsody. 

20. Cardi B – Enough (Miami)

Source:Cardi B

21. Spence Lee ft. Slim Jxmmi – SRT

Source:Spence Lee

Prepare to immerse yourself in the sonic universe of Spence Lee has released his long-awaited album, “S.H.O.T.T.A.,.”. This debut project under EarDrummers and 88rising promises to be a mesmerizing journey through the multifaceted world of Spence Lee, offering listeners a glimpse into his soul as both a human being and a multidisciplinary artist. To accompany the new album, Spence is also releasing his new video for “SRT” featuring Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd.

“S.H.O.T.T.A.” (Soaring High Over The Turbulence Always) is a captivating collection of tracks that delve deep into the spectrum of human emotions and experiences. From themes of faith in God, ego, pride, and anger to love, loyalty, friendship, growth mindset, self-improvement, and confidence, Spence Lee fearlessly navigates through the complexities of life with an authenticity that resonates with listeners. The album showcases his versatility and range as an artist and songwriter, seamlessly blending live instruments such as pianos, guitars, and bass to create soulful melodies that are both refreshing and uplifting. 

With producers like Mike WiLL Made-it and other producers from the EarDrummers crew on board, “S.H.O.T.T.A.” boasts an eclectic sound that is both bright and warm, infused with the iconic bounce that has become synonymous with Mike WiLL’s signature production style. The album also features collaborations with Kakuyon and Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd. Spence teamed up with Slim Jxmmi for their latest single, “SRT,” with the accompanying music video set for release today.

“I want listeners to grasp the depth of the new project – beyond just rap and the flow,” Spence Lee emphasizes. “I’m laying down my authentic narrative over some dope beats, showcasing the sheer versatility in my delivery… proving I can flow on any beat. It’s about embracing my individuality and carving out a sound that’s truly distinct – and truly me.”

Spence Lee’s journey to the forefront of the hip-hop scene has been nothing short of remarkable. Born and raised in Somerset, New Jersey, he was exposed to a diverse array of musical influences from an early age, ranging from reggae and soul, to hip-hop pioneers like 2pac and Outkast. It was this eclectic upbringing that laid the foundation for his distinctive sound and unwavering commitment to his craft.

A true multi-hyphenate creative, Spence Lee first caught the attention of the industry as a teenager when he styled Rae Sremmurd for their “Up Like Trump” music video in 2014. Since then, he has continued to build a name for himself as both a rapper and a fashion icon, modeling for brands like Yeezy Season 1 while staying true to his Vietnamese and Chinese roots.

With “S.H.O.T.T.A.,” Spence Lee is poised to make a lasting impact on the hip-hop landscape, bringing together diverse influences and experiences to create a truly unforgettable listening experience. 


22. Gunna ft. Offset – Prada Dem


four-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-platinum Atlanta rap superstar Gunna drops new track “Prada Dem” featuring Offset, via YSL/300 Entertainment. Listen HERE.

Directed by Leff, the visual was prominently shot at the iconic Broadway Prada store in New York.

Last month, Gunna dropped his first single, “Bittersweet,” notably marking his first release since his chart topping fourth studio album a Gift & a Curse. Listen to “Bittersweet” HERE. Watch the Spike Jordan directed video HERE.

Gunna also recently announced The Bittersweet Tour with special guest Flo Milli joining across all tour dates. Produced by Live Nation, the 16-date kicks off on Saturday, May 4 in Columbus at Schottenstein Center, with stops across the U.S. in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and more before wrapping up with a hometown performance in Atlanta at State Farm Arena. Tickets available HERE

23. Justin Timberlake – Everything I Thought I Was

Justin Timberlake - Everything I Thought I Was Source:Justin Timberlake

Multi-award-winning artist Justin Timberlake releases his new sixth studio album, Everything I Thought It Was via RCA Records – click HERE to listen. In addition, Justin Timberlake has dropped the official music video for his new track off the album, “No Angels.” The music video was directed by Ti West.

Most recently, Justin Timberlake performed at a one-night-only underplay show on Wednesday, March 13th in Los Angeles, CA at The Wiltern. Earlier in the week, Timberlake made a special musical guest performance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he performed No Angels.

Last month, Justin Timberlake released his track Drown, which was written by Timberlake, Louis Bell (Taylor Swift, Post Malone), Henry Walter, Amy Allen, Kenyon Dixon and produced by Timberlake Louis Bell, Cirkut (Maroon 5, The Weeknd). Earlier this year, Timberlake dropped his single and music video Selfish, which garnered over 100 million worldwide streams and over 19 million views on YouTube. Justin Timberlake also made a special musical guest performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where he performed his single “Selfish” and “Sanctified” feat. Tobe Nwigwe.

This release follows Justin Timberlake’s announcement of his long-awaited tour, The Forget Tomorrow World Tour. Produced by Live Nation, stops include performances in North America and Europe/the UK. 


24. Bootsy Collins ft. Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Stewart, Fantaazma & Westcoast Stone – The Influencers

Bootsy Collins ft. Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Stewart, Fantaazma & Westcoast Stone - The Influencers Source:Bootsy Collins

Legendary funk musicianBootsy Collins releases a new single dripping with funk and whimsy, “The Influencers,” featuring Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart. Listen to the single here, released today via Bootzilla Records.

Bootsy Collins, ever the guru, says, “I am an influencer, you are an influencer. Together we influence change within our journey through life. So hold on tight, cause we be funkin’ through the rest of the night.”

The new single, “The Influencers,” is a taste of what Bootsy Collins has been cooking up in his Cincinnati studio for the past year. Featuring icons including Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and musician Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics), all of whom Bootsy has collaborated with over the years, the single is a bold sonic display of the 73-year old funk legend’s unwavering and prolific creativity that has only grown in recent years.  Also featured on the track are Bootzilla Records emerging artists Fantaazma and Westcoast Stone.

Bootsy drops this delicious funky gem amidst a whirlwind of appearances at SXSW 2024 – see him in his element in Rolling Stone’s photo gallery of the Best of SXSW – including tonight (March 15),  Funk Not Fight Austin Rally 4 Peace and performance at Lady Bird Stage, where Bootsy will take the stage alongside legendary Ohio funk band Zapp.

25. ODUMODUBLVCK feat. Tiwa Savage – 100 MILLION


Turning up with a powerhouse anthem, rising Nigerian artist and rapperODUMODUBLVCK (pronounced “O-doo-moh-doo-black”) joins forces with global phenomenon and the “Queen of Afrobeats” Tiwa Savage on a brand new single and music video entitled “100 Million” via NATIVE Records/Def Jam Recordings. It notably marks their very first collaboration together. Listen HERE.

ODUMODUBLVCK and Tiwa Savage debuted the song by sharing it at DJ Obi’s house in Lagos, Nigeria and setting social media on fire. The track hinges on stirring strings and punchy 808s, lacing an upbeat bounce with drill grit. Meanwhile, these two stars lock into a stunning back-and-forth. It culminates on an incendiary and infectious hook from ODUMODUBLVCK. 

Simultaneously, the song’s cinematic visual projects the same energy. Together, they take over Los Angeles. With palm trees, a retro ride, and performance vignettes, “100 Million” pops off on-screen with no shortage of energy.

ODUMODUBLVCK has already made waves worldwide. His ode to Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice went viral last year, while he notched  ‘Best Rap Single’ honors at The 2023 Headies. Recently, Spotify and Billboard christened him an “Artist to Watch” for 2024.

He capped off 2023 with EZIOKWU (UNCUT), which served as the Deluxe Version of his opus EZIOKWU. The latter has tallied hundreds of millions of streams globally. GUAP Magazine professed, Overall, ‘EZIOKWU (Uncut)’ is a solid project serving the ecstatic energy of Grime, the twisty grooves of Afrobeats along with the hard-hitting elements of Drill. ODUMODUBLVCK pierces through with pummeling charisma, Highlife-inspired melodies and versatility.” In a deep dive interview Wonderland raved, “The finest sonic experience in Afrobeats grounds, his spine-tingling, spasm-inducing tunes will make you start dancing without even trying to do so.” 

Next up, he teams up with Shallipopi to co-headline the ‘Nigeria’s Most Wanted Tour 2024’—the first-ever joint tour in Afrobeats history. Produced by Live Nation, the 9-city tour kicks off on April 27 at Uptown Theater in Minneapolis, making stops across the U.S. in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and more before wrapping up in Dallas at House of Blues on May 27. Get tickets HERE

26. Slum Village ft. Eric Roberson & Elijah Fox – Factor

Slum Village ft. Eric Roberson & Elijah Fox - Factor Source:OfficialSlumVillage

It’s been nearly a decade since the release of Slum Village’s last proper full-length album. 2015’s critically acclaimed Yes! further cemented T3 and Young RJ’s ability to effectively carry on the legacy of the seminal rap group, retaining its essence while evolving its sound with fresh new energy. Since then, the two have gone on to pursue solo endeavors. However, with last year’s sold out tour in Europe, and the release of the Larry June and The Dramatics-assisted “Just Like You“, it was revealed that the duo was back in the lab together working on a new Slum Village album. With the release of the smoothed-out, Earlly Mac-assisted “Request” at the top of 2024, the new album’s title, FUN, was revealed.  Today (3/15/2024), Slum Village taps legendary soul singer/songwriter Eric Roberson, and keyboardist Elijah Fox for a soulful new jam, “Factor”, and reveals that FUN will release via Ne’Astra Music/Virgin Music Group on April 19.

This is for our old-school fans, taking you back to the beginning” – T3 & Young RJ

Stream/purchase “Factor” here.

Slum Village is set to return to Europe for the FUN Since 92 Tour, kicking off on April 4 in Bologna, Italy. Following their 28 tour dates in Europe, T3 and Young RJ will join SZA and Jack Harlow in Louisville, Kentucky for the Gazebo Festival in May. 

27. Montell Fish – Intercession Before Charlotte

Montell Fish - Intercession Before Charlotte Source:dj gummy bear - Topic

Montell Fish releases his new EP Intercession Before Charlotte under the moniker DJ Gummy Bear via Virgin. Listen to the EP HERE.

The EP comprises six tracks which showcase Montell’s versatility as a producer, writer, and singer. The entirety of Intercession Before Charlotte was produced, written, and performed by Montell.

Accompanied by a live string section, Montell will bring his EP to life when he embarks on a run of sold-out European tour dates starting next week. 

28. Chuck Strangers – A Forsaken Lover’s Plea

Chuck Strangers - A Forsaken Lover's Plea Source:CHUCKSTRANGERS

Chuck Strangers releases his new album A Forsaken Lover’s Plea via Lex Records. In the 5 years since the release of his last full-length, Consumers Park, Chuck has been diligently refining his voice as an artist. Alongside the release, he shares a new music video for album track “Sunset Park,” a visual reference to Chuck’s tranquil yet expressive penmanship. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea stands as evidence of Chuck’s unwavering dedication and fervor, detailing his relationship falling into and out of love with hip-hop over the course of making this album, which marks a notable milestone in his musical odyssey.

On A Forsaken Lover’s Plea, Chuck architects his sound from both sides of the board, outside of production assistance from friends like The Alchemist, Animoss, and familiar guest features from the likes of Joey Bada$$, Erick The Architect (of Flatbush Zombies), and Remy Banks. The album’s title serves as a metaphor for Chuck’s own relationship to being a hip-hop artist and making music, equating his passion for music to a tragic love affair. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea expands on the career-spanning self-reflection that Chuck framed his project from last year, The Boys & Girls EP, where he chronicled his own experience returning to his solo career. His new album captures a wider spectrum of his experience as an artist, detailing both the joys and the pitfalls of life as a musician.

Chuck’s progression into the spotlight as a fully-fledged artist, rather than just an architect behind the boards, has been a calculated and organic journey that began with 2018’s Consumers Park. Having taken lessons learned from his years at the center of the Pro Era braintrust and developing them into subsequent projects like his 2020 EP, Too Afraid To Dance, and his project from last year, The Boys & Girls EP, Chuck has shaped himself into a standalone voice in hip-hop. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea punctuates that step forward with a personal statement that demonstrates the full breadth of his talent as a rapper, beatmaker, and executive producer, piecing together an album from start to finish that’s a reflection of his personal renaissance as an artist falling back into love with rap music.

Check out A Forsaken Lover’s Plea and the video for “Sunset Park” above, and stay tuned for more from Chuck Strangers coming soon.

29. SOLOMON – Can I Call You Rose (Cover)

SOLOMON - Can I Call You Rose (Cover) Source:SOLOMON

Singer-songwriter-guitarist SOLOMON releases his cover of Thee Sacred Souls’ “Can I Call You Rose?” Quickly building momentum on TikTok, having garnered over 200k creations, the cover showcases the 25-year-old North Londonder’s honey-soaked vocals, and follows on from his recent track ‘over’ – a cathartic confessional that builds from sparse acoustic guitar into punchy, R&B-tinged beats. Speaking of “Can I Call You Rose?”, SOLOMON says – “I heard the sound a few times and found myself walking around singing it. I remember thinking: “oh this kinda suits my voice!” I only recorded the chorus at first but everyone’s response kinda meant I had to finish it. I love how classic and timeless this song feels whilst still feeling refreshing.”

Following a mission to “make music for you to cry/vibe to,” SOLOMON is firmly established as a major next wave talent with high profile collaborators and fans such as BROCKHAMPTON, Ice Spice, Kojey Radical and Timbaland. Hailing from Kensal Rise, SOLOMON started playing guitar during early childhood and would often be the youngest performer at his local open mic night. After he started to write and produce his own songs in his teens, the attention around him was soon amplified, with a first flood of fascination on TikTok (his profile has now exceeded 18.5 million likes) – the springboard for his own artist career.

SOLOMON’s music is more than the sum of his influences, but similarly far-reaching: think timeless singer-songwriters and modern icons alike including FINNEAS, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. Early tracks such as ‘listen up’ and ‘sore loser’ achieved his first impact, while his Kojey Radical collab, ‘phases’, the ‘FOR STARTERS EP’ and his take on The Paper Kites’ ‘Bloom’ have all kept his momentum bubbling. Moreover, BROCKHAMPTON sampled his track ‘robbery’ for ‘LISTERINE’, while Ice Spice drew upon ‘phases’ for her own ‘On The Radar’. Yet for all those big moments, SOLOMON is also unafraid to showcase his creativity in skeletal form, as shown in the ‘VOICE MEMOS’ set; an ever-growing playlist of short track snippets, designed to be sampled and remixed by other creatives. 


Iman Nunez & LIFEOFTHOM - WATCH YA STEP! Source:Iman Nunez

Yonkers rapper Iman Nunez collaborates with LIFEOTHOM in their new single, “WATCH YA STEP!” Shot and directed by Dre Hartwell, the duo shows others how to move.

Iman Nunez, known for his innovative approach to music and captivating stage presence, has once again pushed boundaries with “WATCH YA STEP!” In the song, Iman Nunez takes a stand to let listeners know that “this ain’t been regular cream of the crop.” The duo uses the visual to explain how to obtain and sustain tunnel vision in whatever one wants to accomplish.

The video showcases Iman’s signature style, blending infectious beats with thought-provoking lyricism that captivates listeners from the very first note. Teaming up with LIFEOTHOM, whose unique blend of rap and soul has garnered widespread acclaim, “WATCH YA STEP!” elevates the artistry to new heights. With seamless chemistry and undeniable charisma, the duo delivers a performance that is both powerful and mesmerizing.

“Working with LIFEOTHOM on this project has been an incredible journey. We share a passion for pushing boundaries and creating music that resonates with audiences on a deeper level. ‘WATCH YA STEP!’ is a testament to that shared vision, and I can’t wait for fans to experience it,” said Iman.

31. Hayden James & Anabel Englund – Different Worlds

Hayden James & Anabel Englund - Different Worlds Source:Hayden James - Topic

Multi-platinum Aussie producer Hayden James and California-based artist Anabel Englund join forces for their new record “Different Worlds,” a dynamic house gem that combines James’s signature dance-pop style with Englund’s smoldering vocals. Featuring undulating organic basslines with breezy melodies that build into a series of euphonious drops, the track also packs an emotive punch with its ‘who am I without you?’ riff. Hayden and Anabel are both gearing up for a massive 2024, with both set to release more music very soon and her gearing up for her new interesting projects, so “Different Worlds” serves as a perfect prologue to what’s coming. With festival season almost upon us and some epic performances scheduled for both of these talented artists, Hayden James and Anabel Englund’s hot new track will be coming to a dance floor near you and radio airwaves soon!

My latest track, ‘Different Worlds’ with Anabel Englund, feels like ‘Foolproof’ and ‘We Could Be Love’ had a baby. We wrote it last year and had no real plan to release it. I ended up playing it on NYE at a festival, and it kinda went nuts. I sent the crowd’s reaction to Anabel, and here we are.” – Hayden James

‘Different Worlds’ is about a change of heart towards the future you thought was always certain. It’s a gentle way of moving forward and acknowledging differences.” – Anabel Englund

32. Shaboozey – Vegas


Shaboozey, one of country music’s hottest rising acts, releases, “Vegas,” a sing-along ready, reflective track out today via EMPIRE. Singing alongside a production that transports listeners to the wild west, Shaboozey laments about a past full of long nights and risks that never paid off. Listen to the track HERE. Earlier this month, Shaboozey performed the single for a special Colors Studio session which has racked up more than 200k streams in less than two weeks. Today, another live performance of “Vegas” dropped on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s digital ‘Late Show Me Music’ series. Watch the performance HERE.

“’Vegas’ was the first record that inspired the direction for my upcoming album,” shared Shaboozey. “We wanted to create an Americana song that was raw and felt like a modern western ballad.”

Shaboozey boasts more than 130.9M total streams and over half a billion views on TikTok. Billboard calls the Virginia native’s previous single, “Let It Burn, “a heady marriage of guitar-driven country, R&B and hip-hop elements, meshing into a distinct blend of pop melody and empowering message.” The track reached No. 8 on the US Viral 50 Spotify chart and has garnered more than 2.8M streams. 

Earlier this month, it was announced that Shaboozey will play shows across Nashville, New York and Los Angeles this May. Fans can expect a stand-out set from the multi-hyphenate artist that includes streaming juggernaut “Let it Burn” and the haunting track “Anabelle” as well as not-yet-released songs from his highly anticipated upcoming album due out this spring. Tickets are available now at See the dates below.

33. Zae France – Better Love

Source:Zae France

Rising R&B singer/song-writer, Zae France shares new single “Better Love” via Def Jam Recordings. Listen HERE

34. Flo Milli – Fine Ho, Stay

Source:Flo Milli

35. Yelawolf – Make You Love Me


Flexing his range once again, Alabama-born and Nashville-based multiplatinum chart-topping artist, entrepreneur, and Slumerican Founder Yelawolf shares a new single and music video entitled “Make You Love Me” out now. 

On the track produced by frequent collaborator and GRAMMY® Award winner Malay [Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys], a smoky bass line thumps beneath a hummable vocal harmony. Meanwhile, he leans into a dreamy cadence as he sings, “I’m just a lonely pillar holding up an empty building.” The melodies cut deep until he picks up the pace on the bridge with rapid fire bars punctuated by a proclamation, “You’re pretty enough to make a crook admit it, but I am a poet, upfront, no edit.”  

This complicated romance plays out on-screen in the accompanying captivating visual directed by Patrick Tohill. Nodding to Prohibition-era flicks like Public Enemies with a fashion sense straight out of Peaky Blinders, it finds Yelawolf in an intense exchange with a mysterious woman. He sips whiskey in a sprawling southern estate only to meet an unexpected fate shortly thereafter. 

About the song, he said, “It became about what I was going through and had been through in relationships. I’m giving everything I have just to make you want me. This suffering happens to a lot of people.”

Bootleg Kev personally gave the song its broadcast premiere on his syndicated radio show, and Yelawolf sat down with him for a deep interview.

In February, Yelawolf kickstarted the current season with the hard-hitting “Everything.” The latter has already gathered north of 1.5 million YouTube views on the music video in addition to 495K Spotify streams. Earning acclaim, HotNewHipHop raved, “Yelawolf is as hungry as ever on new lead single ‘Everything’,” and HipHopDX promised, “Yelawolf is back with a vengeance.”  

Last fall, he initially teased this chapter during an intimate secret listening session. SPIN professed, “One thing is immediately clear—Yelawolf never abandoned his hip-hop roots. The culture is part of his DNA, pumping through his veins and busting at the seams to get out.”

The stage is set for his much-anticipated magnum opus double-LP War Story coming very soon.

Yelawolf is prepared for war in 2024…

36. 42 Dugg – Wock N Red

Source:42 dugg Music

Hip-hop artist 42 Dugg released his brand new single “Wock N Red,” which you can stream HERE via CMG Records/4PF/Interscope Records.

The new single – which was produced by London On Da Track – marks the Detroit native’s first release of 2024. It kicks off with Dugg’s signature whistle before he begins to deliver his gritty lyrics over London’s dynamic beat. Dugg plans to drop the music video for the song later today at 1 pm ET.

“Wock N Red” comes after Dugg previously unveiled “SpinDatBac” and “Go Again” in the fall of 2023 to mark his long-awaited return to music after a lengthy hiatus.

Earlier in January, Dugg celebrated his comeback and triumphantly held a sold-out “Welcome Home,” show at Little Caesars Arena in his hometown of Detroit, where he brought out superstars like Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Jeezy, GloRilla, Boosie, EST Gee, Blac Youngsta, Big Boogie, etc. to perform.

Most notably, Dugg used the platform as an opportunity to squash all the beef within the city, formally uniting hip-hop group Doughboyz Cashout and hip-hop ground Team Eastside on stage as they ended the city’s longstanding East-West rivalry.

The 2021 XXL Freshman star last dropped a project in 2022, when his collaborative project with EST Gee – Last Ones Left – debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200. That collab was preceded by his solo project, Free Dem Boyz, which included collabs with Future, Lil Durk, Rowdy Rebel, Fivio Foreign, and more that debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 20.

37. Pheelz – Go Low

Pheelz - Go Low Source:Pheelz

Continuing a steady rise to superstar status worldwide, the award-winning, highly-celebrated Nigerian artist and multi-hyphenate Pheelz unveils an upbeat and undeniable new single entitled, “Go Low” out today via Warner Records. Listen HERE.

The track layers slick synths over a club-ready beat teeming with uncontainable energy. At the same time, he’s right in the center of the dance floor and assures, “Girl I know you feel the magic on the speakers.” It culminates on a catchy chorus with the chant, “Go low low low low,” twisted up with saxophone. 

“Go Low” follows the banger “JOY” [feat. Olamide] which arrived with a visual that Culture Custodian touted as “an uplifting and vibrant music video.” Of course, it remains a favorite from 2023’s Pheelz Good (Triibe Tape). Listen HERE.

It has only magnified his impact around the world. Beyond generating over 266 million streams, Pheelz Good (Triibe Tape) has earned widespread critical acclaim. OkayAfrica raved, “This EP stands as a testament to Pheelz’s remarkable skills as a producer and multi-instrumentalist,” going on to praise, “Pheelz’s musicality takes center stage, blending genres such as Afropop, R&B, and hip-hop, all complemented by his velvety vocals.” Meanwhile, The Guardian Nigeria predicted, “This release sets the stage for exciting collaborations in the future, showcasing their ability to create magic together.” 

Pheelz’ signature world-class production mixes sunny Afropop with a smooth R&B bounce and his velvety vocals to create stellar earworm melodies. This weekend, he’ll showcase his stellar vocals and showmanship on Rolling Stone’s Future Of Music stage at SXSW. 

The stand-out talent has made the most of every opportunity that has come his way since the breakout virality of ‘Finesse’, which established him as one of Nigeria’s most gifted producers and songwriters, as well as an international star on the rise, clocking more than 289 million streams, and 97 million YouTube views. Pheelz was the first Afrobeats artist to Perform at the BET Awards Pre-Show, where he earned a 2022 nomination for Best New International Act. He was also one of the most nominated talents as both an artist and producer at this year’s The Headies Awards.

38. MaKenzie ft. TA Thomas – Maybe


Continuing to make waves, rising Los Angeles-based R&B pop singer, songwriter, and performer MaKenzie unveils a stunning and scorching new single entitled “Maybe” ft. TA Thomas out now. It notably marks her official debut for Warner Records. Listen to “Maybe” ft. TA Thomas HERE

“’Maybe’ was one of the first songs I wrote when I first started flying to LA to work on my music,” MaKenzie says. “’Maybe’ came from my first session with Rob Knox. We wanted to create a song that felt like one of those late 90s/early 2000s R&B ‘sing along in the car real loud ‘cuz you’re frustrated in your relationship or you just ended shit and you now gotta vent’ type records. We wanted to make a track that made you feel like you were going through that even if you aren’t at least for the three minutes and some change that it takes you to listen to the song.”

The track hinges on a throwback-style beat, nodding to turn-of-the-century R&B with a fire and flair of its own. The bass thumps through a warped string loop as she confesses, “I love you no more.” The momentum swings towards the song’s shuddering and soulful refrain, “Maybe I wanted to know what you think, maybe I wanted to show you something, maybe I want to see you in my dreams.” It showcases the 26 year-old’s skyscraping range, deep dynamics, and palpable attitude. 

Born in Kentucky, MaKenzie immediately embraced music as a kid. She went from performing with her family in church at barely two-years-old to immersing herself in the catalogs of formative influences such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Brandy, and Toni Braxton in addition to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Dream Theater. She made a popular appearance on The Terrell Show, while her cover of the Supremes’ classic “You Can’t Hurry Love” tallied just shy of six million streams. She continued to build an audience with consistent R&B and gospel covers on social media. In 2024, MaKenzie inked a deal with Warner Records, and officially introduced herself with the new track “Maybe” and more to come.

39. Willy Cobb – Cigarette Smell

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Southern alt rocker Willy Cobb lights up his new single “Cigarette Smell.” It marks the genre-busting artist’s official debut under his newly minted deal with War Buddha / Warner Records. Listen to “Cigarette Smell” HERE.

“Cigarette Smell” is a potent and endlessly replayable introduction to Cobb’s unpretentious style, evincing his infectious combination of irreverence and specificity. He sticks to crisp, suitably absurd imagery all the way through the power chorus: “I bet you hate the way cigarettes smell/I bet you vape all day cause it’s better for ya health.” Channeling White Stripes in their lo-fi era, the track exemplifies the disarming, immediately personable quality that has made Cobb a live phenomenon in Nashville.

Following European and UK tour dates with Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters and The Cadillac Three, the Georgia-reared musician is set to join the latter for a string of North American shows this Spring. He hits the road on April 6 in Jackson, TN before rolling across the Midwest and concluding on April 20 in Columbia, MO. Check out the full confirmed itinerary below.

“Cigarette Smell” is just the beginning. Stay tuned for a whole lot more from Willy Cobb this year.

40. Ricky Montgomery – Unknown Phantom

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Breakout alt-pop artist Ricky Montgomery shares new single “Unknown Phantom” today via Warner Records. Leaning into nineties alternative rock influences, he stretches the scope of his sound once again, pairing hummable melodies with an electric guitar-boosted chorus awash in dreamy, distorted fuzz. The track follows the release of recent single “It’s Ok To Cry,” paving the way for more music to come very soon. Listen to “Unknown Phantom” HERE.

About the track, Ricky says, “We wrote ‘Unknown Phantom’ on Halloween after my producer Tommy’s stepson walked into the studio wearing a costume with these red glowing eyes and scared me to death. It got us thinking about Halloween parties we had gone to as kids, and our early crushes and childhood memories in general. It all came together in just a few hours, and was instantly one of my favorite songs I’ve ever worked on.”

Meanwhile, Ricky is in the midst of his biggest North America headline tour yet—“The Rick Tour: Another Rick in the Wall”. He’ll cap off the 25+ date North American run with a sold-out show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on March 23rd before hopping across the pond for shows throughout the UK/Europe, Singapore, and Australia. Check out the full confirmed itinerary below, and purchase tickets at

With 2 billion streams and 8 billion TikTok views, Ricky continues to foster his devoted young fanbase that hangs onto every word of his sunny, soul-searching alt-pop about life in all its messy and mundane glory. The recent release of his major label debut album Rick incited unanimous praise from fans and critics alike, with WONDERLAND promising, “this album is set to be a defining chapter in the career of Montgomery, fully coming into his own as an artist with depth, character and presence.” Billboard raved, “The listener can’t help but pay attention to Montgomery” and FAULT Magazine professed, “The album is a soul-searching journey through life’s trials and triumphs, woven together by Montgomery’s eloquent songwriting skills, sometimes whimsical narratives and always emotive storytelling.” Listen to Rick HERE, and purchase physical formats of Rick HERE, including vinyl, CD, and cassette.

41. Kenya Grace – It’s Not Fair

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Continuing a stratospheric rise worldwide, singer, songwriter, producer, creator, and drum‘n’bass disruptor Kenya Grace shares an intimate and infectious new single entitled “It’s not fair” today. Listen HERE via Major Recordings/Warner Records. It heralds the arrival of her much-anticipated new project The After Taste on March 22, 2024. Pre-save HERE.

“It’s not fair” highlights both the intricacies and the irresistible appeal of her signature sound. A glassy keyboard loop wraps around a pulsating dancefloor-ready beat. At the same time, emotion overflows from breathy verses as she urges, “Tell me baby, don’t you kinda miss me? Well, I hope you picture me when you’re with her.” The track culminates on the kind of hook that transcends genres and rings out loudest in hearts everywhere with a relatable post-breakup lament, “It’s not fair you don’t care, but I see you everywhere.” 

The U.K.-based Kenya Grace has emerged as the sole architect of a living and breathing world of her own. She personally wrote, produced, and performed the entirety of The After Taste by herself—a true anomaly for a female dance music artist. As such, it matches her singularity with its unmatched fusion of rave, alternative, and pop. Ultimately, she has completely dictated and defined her vision with these nine tracks.

Last year, her breakout smash “Strangers” landed like a hurricane. It tallied nearly 1 billion streams worldwide and went #1 on both sides of the pond. In addition to logging three consecutive weeks at #1 on the UK Top Singles Chart, it soared to #1 at Dance Radio in the United States and #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart. It made history by marking “the first time ever that the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart has been led by a track solely, written, produced and sung by a woman.” It went platinum in three countries and reached gold status in twelve countries, including the U.S. “Strangers” also notably garnered a nomination for “Song of the Year” at the BRIT Awards. Simultaneously, Pandora, Shazam, Zane Lowe,, and more christened her an “Artist To Watch.”

Next up, she hits the road across North America, culminating at Coachella with performances on April 13 and April 20. Kenya Grace’s headline tour launches on April 3 in Toronto, ON at Axis Club and visits major markets on both coasts.

42. Tracei – I Said

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Rising Florida rapper Tracei has been honing her craft over the past year. Her hard work in the studio so far has yielded a bass-heavy, brooding sound with catchy hooks and dynamic flows transposed from Cash Money’s Pen & Pixel era, and heavily influenced by the likes of Three 6 Mafia.  Making her debut last year with the anthemic TK-produced “Face“, Tracei establishes that she’s unmovable and intentional with protecting her peace as she reaches for her goals. She continues to build on themes of feeling secure in her identity and remaining centered on her new Maxmizacion-produced single “I Said”, released today (3/15) on all major digital streaming platforms.   

This song is about protecting your energy and peace at all costs. Any behavior that challenges that must be corrected. This song does not promote violence but does represent what it looks like to stand up for yourself and use your voice. It gives that ‘I said what I said’ vibe.” – Tracei

43. zi starchild – Inner Space

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