A parent is disturbed by the drastic measures schools now have to take.

Nowadays, when kids get a hold of social media, it can be a rite of passage to the dismay of some parents. One Kansas teacher wanted to show his kids early the power of Twitter with a little experiment. C.J. Marple of Osage City Elementary School decided to construct a tweet with his 3rd grade […]

The Akron elementary school he's starting means more to him than any championships, awards or records.

Three first graders in Alaska were suspended last week after allegedly planning to poison and kill one of their classmates, plus more

An elementary school in Biloxi, Miss. is under fire after forcing eight-year-old Makiyah-Jae to change out of her "Black Girls Rock" shirt.

A four-year-old was subjected to embarrassment when a teacher allegedly told his mother the student was “evil” and “sinister” for being left-handed. Alisha Sands said her son Zayde just started pre-school at Oakes Elementary in Okemah, OK when the incident occurred. Sands noticed her son was writing with his right hand, even though he is left-handed. […]

A 7-year-old student at a South Philadelphia elementary school died on Wednesday after he suddenly fell ill during class. Officials confirmed there was no school nurse on duty at Andrew Jackson Elementary School at the time. The school only has a nurse present every Thursday and every other Friday. The child was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia […]

Today in “Stories In American Education,” we have a study that proves racial disparities start in preschool, public school students of color get more punishment, and a student was wrongly expelled for saving a student’s life. Preschool Punishment: New data from the U.S. Department of Education shows that one percent of one million students in […]

A local police chief in northern California is scratching his head after encountering the youngest pot bust ever in an elementary school. Last week, three third-grade students at Sonora Elementary School were caught smoking marijuana in the boys bathroom by another student, who informed school administrators. The school contacted local law enforcement and the youngsters […]

Behind all of the negativity in the world, there are actually a lot of random acts of kindness. In Texas, a father of one of the students who attends the elementary school has decided to pay off the school’s entire lunch debt. According to KSDK, Kenny Thompson was inspired by the story of the Utah […]

So much for students eating a well-balanced meal to help them focus in class. Forty students at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah were in for a big (and cruel) surprise when they picked up their lunches…only to have them taken away from them and thrown away. Reason? Outstanding balances on their account. And not […]