Hani Khan

Well, if I was brain chained to the blogs (I am kinda) I would totally believe that Russell gets it on with Flipper. Why? It’s because he recently held an event to help endangered dolphins off the coast of Japan. According to the internet, if Uncle Rush lends a hand to help any cause, he’s automatically shagging everyone involved. […]

Sosojuicy.com is reporting that Uncle Rush might putting in work with Victoria Silvstedt via http://bit.ly/2rOqIB  they even talking about how ‘this explains who’s 5th-Ave pimp-pad Victoria Silvstedt was headed to earlier this week after working out.’  damn. Russ…but, you don’t even live on 5th Avenue… Truth is, Russ isn’t getting a piece of Victoria Silvstedt […]


Ok everybody, we know you’ve probably seen a thousand of these pics floating around but we couldn’t help but join in on the joke. We love you Lil’ Mama but that VMA ish was hilarious!  Just to be clear, Lil’ Mama explained why she crashed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance:  “I did not mean any […]

Everytime Nick Cannon pops up on a blog somewhere, his name in the post always starts or ends with the words ‘corny,’ ‘goofy’ or something like that. This makes me very curious to know what is it that makes him corny? I’m not on the dude’s d*** or anything but I’ve been sitting here trying […]


The death of DJ AM has temporarily halted the release of his collaboration dunk with Nike. Since a lot of websites are circulating a photo of what is supposed to be Nike X DJ AM dunk… I felt a need to chime in and correct the incorrect. This isn’t the DJ AM dunk. Instead it’s […]

After a photo of Solange’s new hairstyle hit the net, everyone had something to say. Well, she wasn’t about to sit around and twiddle her thumbs while the world got at her. Solange took to Twitter and let her followers know just how she felt. Check out her feed below…   seriously? lame. Listen. if. […]

*Note: We’ve seen so much homophobia on the net recently, that we couldn’t help but take a few jabs at the scaredy cat coverage… GASP!!! OUR EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION SHOWS THAT BRUNO IS GAY!!! DID YOU GET THE MEMO??? WE DIDN’T!!!  SHOCKER!!!! ELLEN DEGENERES AND HER LOVER! YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!!! WE’VE GOT THE PHOTO […]