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With Twitter still being the the hot ish on the internet, we’ve become almost comatose from companies beating us in the head with propaganda on how they’ve made the social network a part of their movement to sell us stuff. It seems like that blue bird logo is at every turn but you can’t really blame companies for jumping on the bandwidth wagon. In all honesty, Twitter is so much a part of some people’s lives that when it temporarily goes down, they lose some of their sanity.

Using the opportunity to cash in on Twitter addiction, a device called the Peek has emerged.

The Peek’s sole purpose is to put the world of Twitter into your hands, that’s it. That sounds simplistic but if you really think about it, it’s a brilliant move on the company’s part. When the folks at RIM decided to get into the mobile game, they figured they’d pick one thing and do it well. Presently, nobody is touching the Blackberry when it comes to mobile email. That’s exactly the reasoning why putting out a Twitter only device. Sure other features will come eventually but if the Peek is able to completely lock down Twitter on the go, they’ll cake up like crazy.

Right now the Peek is in its first generation so expect a few quirks but if you absolutely need a dedicated piece of equipment to tweet from, let’s take a look at the Peek and what it does.

How Does It Look?

As you can tell from the photos, the Peek looks a lot like an old school Blackberry. It’s thin and has raised keys which makes it easy to type on. Those keys are also backlit so when you’re stuck in a theater watching a wack a** movie, you’ll have no problem shooting out a witty wisecrack to your followers. For the fashion savvy, the Peek comes in different colors including, aqua blue, red and black.

On the sides you’ll find a scroll wheel to go through all of your tweets. There’s also a mini-USB slot to plug into your computer or power charger (it’s the same kind you’ll find on the older Blackberrys).




How Does It Work?


After you peel off $99 for the device, you’ll get 6 months of free service (nationwide). After that, you can either pay $7.95 a month or go all in and drop $199 for the lifetime plan. Tweets are unlimited and you don’t have to  be on a wifi connection. It works over the air like a cellphone.


Everything else is straight forward, you tweet, retweet, reply and all that. Unfortunately, you can only view pic that are on Twitpic which most people use anyway. There’s no web browser yet so opening up to an article on isn’t going to fly. For now, you can open links as plain text but again, unless you’re going to to read the articles, you’re out of luck. The folks at Peek say that they’re planning on getting their web integration game up so we do have hope in the future.

The battery should last somewhere between 3 and 4 days per charge. If you need more than that, there are extra batteries and the power charger that comes with the Peek. 

I have to say that I’m really curious to get my hands on the physical device to see how far I can push it before it cries. From the looks of it though, the Peek looks like a step in a very powerful direction. Hopefully, Peek will be around longer to update a few more generations. I’d figure by generation four, the Peek will be as common as a cellphone. That’s if Twitter doesn’t magically disappear.