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Tonight on the FUSE network, Hip Hop takes over with a special prime-time line up of programing. Hip Hop Invasion will hit the channel every Wednesday night starting at 7pm until 3am (ET) to bring viewers slices from the Hip Hop lifestyle through documentaries, interviews and more.

Now that we’ve gotten the critical information out of the way, let’s take a look at what we can all expect from tonight’s line-up.

7pm – Hip Hop Shop

Hip Hop Shop is a show where the community’s celebs chop it up with journalism heavyweight Toure’ or as I like to call him, ‘Prince in a button-up’ (Forgive me T, I still love ya but I had to throw that in). It looks like P.I.A.B. will get intimate with the celebrities and  with a little bit of luck will push the right button and get them to say something we can all make a trending topic on Twitter. Given Toure’s knack for finding those hot button topics, Wednesdays at seven o’clock will be entertaining ones.

8pm – The 50 Cent Chronicles

All I have to say is that they had me at 50 Cent. Not just because he’s an incredible artist and an unforgettable personality but because watching a televised version of his history will be like watching a C.O.P.S. marathon.    Love him or him, no one can not pay attention to 50 or his rollercoaster ride of a story.

8:30pm – 10pm – Loaded: Tupac Shakur and Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake…

Arguably one of Hip Hop’s biggest icons, Tupac undoubtedly revolutionized rap in the 90s. These two specials will focus on his life, career and how it all impacted the world of music. Hopefully, they’ll show the footage of him doing the George Jefferson walk out of the courtroom–one of the boldest moves we all would say we would do but wouldn’t dare.



10pm – 12am – Beef: Respect – 50 Cent, Beef: Respect – T.I.

Would it be too much to say that the ‘Beef’ series spearheaded the rapper-foaming-at-the-mouth-on-camera movement? No one can say for sure but ‘Beef’ is one of those shows that you swear you’re not going to watch but find yourself still saying you’re going to change the channel during the ending credits. Face it, rappers trashing each other is a guilty pleasure to watch but at least they can get their frustrations out on video instead of each other’s skulls.



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