New Jersey governor Chris Christie is fired up and ret-ta-go! DETAILS: C’Mon Now!! House GOP Scrap Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill After Fiscal Deal Reached In response to Congress scraping a Hurricane Sandy aid bill on the floor last night, Christie joins the handful of politicians personally angry at the House for jeopardizing the future and lives […]

Yesterday’s calendar date was an epic one, not just because it was the last triple date we will see until 2101, but also because it was the date of the long awaited 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. PHOTOS: Kanye West To Perform Three New Year’s Weekend Concerts In Atlantic […]

Last night was a good night in New York City.  Dozens of rock, hip-hop, and R&B legends packed into New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden to put on an awesome concert providing aid to those in the greater New York area greatly affected by the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused six weeks ago.  Everyone from […]

President Obama has asked Congress on Friday to approve a $60.4 billion aid package to help East Coast states rebuild after Superstorm Sandy. PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy One Month Later…We’ve Still Got Work To Do! Reuters reports: Officials from storm-battered New York, New Jersey and Connecticut had said they needed at least $82 billion combined to […]

It’s been 30 days since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the Northern East Coast, killing over 125 people and causing billions of dollars of damage.  PHOTOS x VIDEO: President Obama Tours Sandy Damage In NYC But for many people, having to pick up the pieces of their lives that Sandy crushed, destroyed and shattered is even […]

People in New York and New Jersey are still recovering from the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October. PHOTOS: What The…?! Glenn Beck Puts “Obama In Pee Pee” Toy Up For Sale Major popular brands like Duracell and AT&T decided to use their resources to provide customers with the help that […]

I put on for my city and love it from my core. From the birthplace of hip hop and hip hop legends, to the heartland of commerce, the mecca of fashion and a plethora of diversity, I am very proud to call myself a New Yorker.  Like many native New Yorkers, we cherish our city, […]

Yesterday, President Obama took an aerial and walk-through tour to explore the damage that Hurricane Sandy left in New York. VIDEO: Talk That Ish! Obama Talks Tough On Taxes, Sen. McCain & Susan Rice!  During the three-hour tour, Obama spoke with residents in Staten Island, one of the most ravaged boroughs in NYC, and stopped by […]

It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast and the greater New York City area. DETAILS: Rihanna Donates To Hurricane Sandy Relief Thousands of people have been displaced and dozens of people died during the superstorm, but after every storm comes a rainbow.  Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Bruce Springsteen are teaming […]

As thousands of people are still without homes and power in New York, President Obama will make his first tour throughout the state to see the damaged first-hand and help aide in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. LIST: Crazies Attack! Countdown Of The Most Extreme Reactions To Obama’s Re-Election During his trip, the President will […]

Hello Brooklyn! Adidas is still celebrating the Nets coming to Brooklyn with a brand new capsule collection of premium Nets apparel and accessories. The collection is being released at KITH Manhattan and Brooklyn locations today and it’s pretty damn impressive. PHOTOS: Beyonce Gets Gangster For Brooklyn On Instagram The collection includes a classic 1980s style […]

John Applewhite, a 34-year-old electric worker from Florida who came to New York to help after Hurricane Sandy, was assaulted in East Hempstead, N.Y. on Friday after working a 13-hour shift. STORY: Oh No! Elderly Man Found Dead Two Weeks After Hurricane Sandy  Applewhite was getting dinner with coworkers when another man got out of […]