j cole

“Even back when I was up there in Mohammad crib, payin $1,700 for the rent, money well spent, no heater but a nigga made heat may I vent?“

Chance The Rapper recently received an honorary doctorate degree from Dillard University, but he isn’t the only rapper that can say he’s a fire emcee and degree holder. Check out these other rappers who have their college degrees.

The comedian shows his face for the cameras as Cole spits about the challenges of temptation.

As expected, J. Cole has everybody talking following the release of his fifth studio album KOD at midnight, last night. The North Carolina star kept calm as he son’ed every new wave rapper with big homie bars on his track “1985.” Now, fans are taking a stab at who he may have been speaking to, in […]

The real is back. The ‘Ville is back — and J. Cole‘s highly anticipated surprise album KOD is all that.   This isn’t your average body of work, loaded with a bunch of trendy beats and obvious singles. It’s Cole music, which means you’d have to appreciate clever puns, storytelling and dope bars to digest […]

Education is an extremely important part in achieving any dream you have in life, so it’s always nice to see celebrities take the time to highlight the importance of having billions as well as brains. T-Pain even opened a charter school named after one of the punch lines in his hit song “Can’t Believe It.” […]

Ib Hamad talks his incredible come-up and daily grind as Dreamville president on the latest episode of It’s The Real’s podcast.