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J. Cole is trending and it likely has nothing to do with Dreamville Festival’s pre-sale ticket announcement. Instead, there is a viral Breakfast Club clip where Soulja Boy has several words for the “hatin'” North Carolina rapper. Check it out inside.

The popular radio show hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy shared a recent “Rumor Report” on their show. They played two clips. One was of J. Cole on Lil Yachty’s podcast “A Moody Conversation,” where he reveals he didn’t like Soulja Boy’s sound at first. It was a moment of self-awareness and reflection as the rapper admits he was hating.

“Around the time Soulja Boy happened,” J. Cole said to Lil Yachty on the podcast. “At that time I had resistance. Similar to when you [Lil Yachty] came out, and your class came out. That’s not the stuff I love.”

J. Cole refers to the type of music that was coming out.

“I’m proud of myself for this realization,” he goes on. “Cause bruh you are a hater.” Cole admits that he actually enjoyed the music, but was unaccepting of it.

Still, the next clip plays of Soulja Boy reacting in true Soulja fashion. He feels that J. Cole should have just left his name out of it all together.

He says, “Shut the f*ck up.” As if he were talking to J. Cole directly. Soulja goes on to mock the Dreamville founder, “‘Oh I was a hater.’ Yes you was a hater. You don’t have to tell the whole world you was hatin’ on me.”

Soulja begins to share how it would sound if he hated on Cole.

“That’s like me saying this n*gga J. Cole dirty as f*ck,” Soulja Boy adds. “When we was in the trap, we was listening to Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Man who gives a f*ck!”

The Breakfast Club hosts add their own opinions about the viral clips.

“He [J. Cole] wasn’t dissing Soulja Boy,” DJ Envy shared.

“That was critique of himself as a person, J. Cole,” Charlamagne Tha God responded.  “But I understand where Soulja Boy is coming from. You ain’t gotta tell everybody you hatin’ on me.”

The clip was shared today (Nov. 6) via The Breakfast Club’s Instagram profile with the caption, “🚨  #RumorReport w/ #TheBreakfastClubBet: #JCole shares on #LilYachty’s podcast that he didn’t like  #SouljaBoy’s sound in the beginning. Cole realized he was just was hating! #selfreflection on a 1000! 👀Big Soulja responds in true #SouljaBoy fashion. 😅 Tap in 🔊.”

Check it out below:

Also, the announcement that early-bird ticket presale for Dreamville Festival came out today as well. The presale begins Tuesday (Nov. 7).