Well Well Well, Looks like our favorite fashion/ actress icon has an amazing new job!!! Not only has Sarah Jessica Parker has been named the Chief Creative Officer of Halston, she also got the title of president and given an equity stake in the company. ‘I think this is a brand new kind of business […]

<p>You are here: Home &raquo; Blog &raquo; Featured &raquo; Did you hear about the morgans?</p><p>Did you hear about the morgans? In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witness-protection program.</p><p>if you have flash installed on your computer all you have to do is […]

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Oxygen has developed it&rsquo;s own &lsquo;Of Love&rsquo; show featuring three former Bad Girls, Amber M (Season 3), Kendra (Season 4) and Sarah (Season 3)</p><p>Each week Amber, Kendra and Sarah, have the group of bachelors competing for their attention in a series of off-the-wall challenges and entertaining group dates. The girls must try to put their […]


Last week my blog brother Gotty over at The Smoking Section asked ‘What If Lil Wayne Goes To Jail‘. So now that we know Mr. Carter will be gone for about a year, I feel like it’s time to wonder about those that are around and depend on Weezy.  Baby: What will Wayne’s daddy do, […]

<p><strong>Rumor has it, Sarah Jessica Parker and her co-stars in &ldquo;Sex and the City 2&Prime; will fly to another continent to film the movie</strong>. Radar Online claimed a source from the production has informed <strong>that……..</strong></p><p><strong>VIEW COMPLETE STORY</strong></p><p></p&gt;

<p>Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman is shooting down reports that the former Alaska governor and her husband, Todd, are seeking divorce. A rampant rumor that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin are planning to divorce is not true, according to Meghan Stapleton, Sarah Palin&rsquo;s spokeswoman. Source Link :-</p&gt;


I could write about Sarah Palin, but honestly, conversations on her candidacy, interviews, and recent resignation have all been exhausted to the point where I wonder, what’s the point? Two wars abroad, a 9% unemployment rate, stories of homeless veterans, a military coup in Honduras, and a battle raging in Congress to determine the future […]


Eminem’s Sarah Palin Speaks! Lisa Ann, the other star of "We Made You," gives up the goods

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are reportedly expecting their first child. "They’re very excited," so a source tell People of what the about-to-be parents feel towards Sarah’s pregnancy. Furthermore, the source claims that Sarah will give birth to the baby this fall. However, the source gives People no clue on […]

In Sarah Michelle Gellar’s latest interview for Gotham Magazine is opens up about her long relationship and marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr. and if she is ready or not to get pregnant. Here are some highlights of Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Sarah Michelle Prinze’s interview. Source Link :-

A young black man makes a youtube video that he is the true father of VP nominee Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol’s baby. Check this out

CBS leads the news with six minutes on Sarah Palin and all her issues. SMH.