Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio made an announcement on Tuesday that he will no long be participating in the 2016 presidential race.

While Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump bragged about his penis size at the start of Thursday night's raucous debate in Detroit, Mich., the Flint water crisis was the 33rd question.

Declaring his love for voters who swept him to victory Tuesday in the Nevada presidential caucuses, Donald Trump claimed his third straight victory in an early voting state.

A new CNN Poll of Polls shows both candidates holding commanding leads in their respective races, but each faces a formidable opponent whose support is rising.

After all of the political excitement this election season, including the dizzying and ceaseless Donald Trump Show, we will finally know the names of the winners of the Iowa Caucuses after the polls close at 10 PM CT on Monday.


In a desperate move to garner points at the third Republican presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blamed President Barack Obama for "failing to support police officers."

Sadly, the Democrats, even with a mention of the Black Lives Matter Network, fell short. The concerns of millions of Black Americans were all but dismissed in the first debate, indicating that even the left needs a crash course on how to gain the Black vote.


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As the 2016 presidential race kicks into high-gear we decided to get in the groove by helping candidates pick their campaign theme songs.


When the world learned of Cecil the Lion's death at the hands of a rich American dentist, the world wept over the loss and called

Marco Rubio’s (R-Fl.) antics win the internet again. DETAILS: Say What?! Marco Rubio On His Love For Hip-Hop & Tupac!  While speaking to support Rand Paul’s filibuster protesting potential legal drone assassinations on American soil, Rubio decided to wake up the crowd (probably asleep from Paul’s 12-hour plea) with some rap lyrics. Yep, that just happened. […]

Well, this isn’t surprising. On Tuesday night after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio based his rebuttal on two major points: more government is bad, and he’s a middle class citizen, just like the rest of us. VIDEO: The Thirst! Marco Rubio Awkwardly Grabs Bottle Of Water During SOTU […]