After Snooki‘s eventful week of partying, getting drunk and getting arrested for disorderly conduct, the reality star was spotted leaving the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, NJ this past Saturday, July 31. Wearing her signature hat, a pink top and of course a big smile on her face, Snooki was joined by new cast […]

Haha! Thats the first thing I have to say when it comes to ‘Jouisy Shore.’ MTV has taken the most randomness group of people from one of the most original places and have made them national celebrities. MTV went far with this one! I absolutley love Jersey Shore and the shows characters are as real as it gets. […]


What makes the Jersey Shore cast so amazing is their love of all the attention they have gotten since the show’s season one premiere. They really know how to work it for the cameras. How can you not love these cast members who embrace the spotlight and ham it up at every chance they get. […]

Jersey Shore’s pint-sized spitfire, Snooki just got arrested for being drunk and disorderly while on the beach in the cast’s beloved Seaside Heights. While walking the beach with her cast mates, JWoww and Deena, Snooki appeared to be drunk in public, prompting two New Jersey police officers to slap a pair of cuffs on her. […]


MTV’s surprise hit Jersey Shore is coming back for a second season. For those of us who dared to be different and didn’t watch the first round, but are finally giving in to that urge to witness The Situation’s antics, a few things may be a bit confusing. We may be perplexed by the overwhelming […]

Am I the only one who had been counting down the days until last night’s Jersey Shore premiere? I had high expectations, and although nothing too outrageous happened, I was left completely satisfied, already anxious for next week’s episode. Snooki and JWoww and The Situation and Pauly D roadtripping down to Miami was pure genius. […]


Hey GlobalGrind! It’s @JENNIJWOWW I always tell that to my friends not to stay in during summer. The biggest thing about me, especially when I was younger, is that I am a night owl. I loved summer when I was younger because it was only two months out of the year that you had a break […]

Season two of The Jersey Shore has not even aired yet, but the cast we love to hate and hate to love have already begun filming the third season. Snooki and J-Woww bonded with the newest addition, Deena Nicole Cortese, as the girls drank coffee, ate lunch and walked around before going for a stroll […]


If you’re as excited about tonight’s Jersey Shore premiere as we are, you’re probably planning a viewing party. You’re got your hair gel-ed and bumped, your spray on tan applied. Your fridge is stocked full of smirnoff, you’ve got your Red Solo cups on deck and  lasagna in the oven. No Jersey Shore viewing is […]

In honor of the Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere tonight, we at GG were thinking how the Jersey Shore could be remixed. What about a Jersey Shore cast with all people from New Jersey? Better yet, what about a Jersey Shore cast with all celebrities from New Jersey. It is evident that the dynamics of […]

There is a new cast member on the Jersey Shore! Her name is Denna Nicole and she is actually from New Jersey! The newest edition to the hit show took to her twitter on July 21st to report ‘Alll I need is my Beatsss..Broadssss.. and Bo0oZee..fuck the men lets drink to us! byeeeee =] ‘. […]

MTV’s show when I was 17 has a new episode coming out and it features everyones favorite guilty pleaure: Jersey Shore. Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi was featured on a different episode a couple of weeks ago. This weeks episode features our girl Jenni ‘JWoww‘ Farley along with Michael ‘The Situation‘ Sorrentino and Paul ‘DJ Pauly D‘ […]