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Today, iconic American designer Ralph Lauren celebrates his birthday. Chances are you’ve wore a pink Polo in the past—Yeezy taught you—but if you haven’t, you know the man behind the brand.

Although his namesake line may not be one of the most mentioned in hip-pop, if he had a dollar for every time it’s been used in a rap lyric, Mr. Lauren would be an even richer 75-year-old man.

And because there’s nothing we could possibly give him that he doesn’t already have, we’re giving you a little time-killing quiz to see if you can recognize who’s name-dropped the birthday boy before.

Let’s start with an easy one…..

Lyric: Ralph Lauren was borin’ before I wore him

Lyric: This that Ralph Lauren rugby sh*t/Why you rappers getting signed off of lucky sh*t?

Lyric: Dressed in my garments by Ralph Lauren/Keep luggage packed for the tourin’

Lyric: Back up in this bitch rippin’ tracks like I’m suppose/Tommy and Ralph Lauren don’t like n*ggas to wear they clothes

Lyric: Yeah, I’ma coast out flooring/My two door coupe in the most Ralph Lauren

Lyric: I’m first class to Spain/You still buying Ralph Lauren (Polo!)

Lyric: Polo Ralph Lauren b*tch, that’s what my pajamas say

Lyric: Glaze on the dash/Leather is smelling like Ralph Lauren

Lyric: N*gga cocaine white as Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren Blue Label as I’m gettin high

Lyric: Shotgun in the Porsche, she don’t know where we going/American Royalty on that yolo Ralph Lauren

Lyric: The hood say we what’s up like Bart/Ralph Lauren sheets with the Polo cut

Lyric: Live every day of my life like I’m touring/Young Based God I’m Polo like Ralph Lauren

Lyric: So I had to do the best thing for both us/Take myself shopping, get my Ralph Lauren coats up

Lyric: Ralph Lauren boxers every day and night/B*tch I ain’t Barry, but I play with white

Lyric: 1990’s Polo Ralph Lauren on him/Gone a few years, the whole world snoring on him

Lyric: Now me and my chaps cop Purple Label/It’s Ralph Lauren on the rap laureate

Lyric: Jordan shorts by the pair and my socks is Ralph Lauren/And I got that dank from my n*gga down New Orleans

Lyric: They already choosin’/Ralph Lauren boat shoes I’m already cruisin’

Lyric: Ralph Lauren 7 jeans, 9 to 5 night shit

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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