sanaa lathan

When you work as hard as Sanaa Lathan does, you’ve earned the right to get things how you want it and when you want it. And, being the fashionista that Sanaa is, this rule definitely applies to her style and wardrobe. Sanaa likes her clothes to feel they like were made-to-fit her body. Sanaa says, […]

Sanaa Lathan is beautiful and independent. Already an accomplished actress, Sanaa continues to challenge herself in order to become better at her craft. On being a powerful woman she says, “What makes me feel powerful is setting goals and accomplishing them. It’s also important to continue to learn and grow in my craft. Stepping outside […]

Sanaa Lathan is not only stylish and talented, she’s also intelligent. Talk about a serious triple threat. Part of being intelligent is her ability to remain ahead of the curve. Not only in her career but in her personal life as well, Sanaa is up on all the latest music and current events. So what is […]

Sanaa Lathan always looks like a goddess on the red carpet. From curve-hugging dresses to fabulous accessories, Sanaa is always on point. EXCLUSIVE: Sanaa Lathan Lives Her Life On-The-Go! Of her style, Sanaa says, “My style is unique; the bohemian chic side of me is unexpected! I like long dresses and floral patterns. My mother […]

Sanaa Lathan lives in the lap of luxury, but she works hard for that privilege. When wanting to relax and get pampered like a queen, she says: For the most elite service, I go to The Amanyara Resort in Turks and Caicos. It’s to-die-for, so luxurious and beautiful! I love the earthy-luxury. I went a […]

Sanaa Lathan is known for her life on the big screen. From the characters she portrays to her red carpet looks at her movie premieres, Sanaa is always well prepared. When preparing for a new role she says, “When I get a new movie role, I do a lot of research in order to prepare. […]

Sanaa Lathan lives her life on-the-go. When you’re always on the run it’s important to stay in touch. Like with most celebrities, it’s always a mystery how they maintain their sanity and of course, their healthy lifestyles. DETAILS: Sanaa Lathan’s Lifestyle Decoded! On her life on-the-go, Sanaa says, “I’m always on the run. The one […]

Although Sanaa Lathan has the world at her fingertips, she still leads a relatively normal life and always makes an effort to better herself. EXCLUSIVE: Sanaa Lathan’s Secret To Turning Heads Sanaa says, “I’m a foodie and I love going to restaurants with friends where I can have great conversation and a lot of laughs. […]

T.I. will be once again flex his acting skills as a new cast member on the second season of Boss. Joining him will be none other than our girl Sanaa Lathan, who’s also been cast as a season two regular! DETAILS: OMG Girls & Boy Talk With T.I.! ATL‘s T.I. plays a character that “is the conduit […]

When you have a busy schedule and you’re always on-the-go, it’s important to find ways to be as productive as possible with the little time you have. EXCLUSIVE: Sanaa Lathan Reveals Her Inner Circle! Sanaa Lathan has found the perfect balance, picking versatile outfits that can take her from day to night. She says, “Versatility […]

For celebrities who are always in the spotlight, it’s difficult to know who you can trust. Sanaa Lathan is lucky enough to have a supportive family and close friends who she can rely on through anything. There’s nothing more important than a good support system, especially when you live a hectic life in the spotlight. […]

There’s nothing like some sincere advice from a daddy to his daughter. EXCLUSIVE: Sanaa Reveals Her Go-To Outfit! Sanaa Lathan has a close relationship with her father, Stan Lathan, and it looks like he’s dishing out advice fit for a queen to his one and only daughter. Sanaa told us, “My father told me that […]