The man Idris Elba is doing the damn thing! The 40-year-old British actor is the star of not one, but two upcoming movies about to hit theaters this year.  First is the new flick from director Guillermo del Toro called Pacific Rim opening July 12th. It’s a sci-fi action adventure film about legions of monstrous […]

Last summer was the end of Batman; this summer is the start of Superman. VIDEO: Beyonce & Andre 3000 Debut New Music In “The Great Gatsby” Trailer  A new trailer for Man of Steel has just hit the Internet, and this sh*t looks completely epic. The trailer, which is the third one released, is over […]

Marc Jacobs may not be considered very creepy in real life, but we guess that’s why they call it acting. In his first (and possibly last) acting role in the new Henry Alex Rubin film Disconnect, Marc plays Harvey, the extremely creepy porn baron. STORY: Marc Jacobs Talks About What May Be His First And […]

Tyrese has worked hard over the years to have his career set in stone in the industry. The 33-year-old singer’s new trailer for “A Black Rose That Grew Through The Concrete” takes us on a journey through his childhood and breakthrough into stardom over the course of his life. NEW VIDEO: Tyrese “Best Of Me” Expressing […]

Watch the video above … Done? OK, great. Do you feel inspired? Want to help? We thought so. But, DADAAB STORIES isn’t just about helping, it’s about learning and sharing the stories of these 500,000 refugees whose reality is a bit different than mine and yours, to say the least. Dadaab is home to nearly […]

Estella Warren stars next to William Baldwin in the new suspense film The Stranger Inside.  Actress Emily Moore is kidnapped and tortured by a masked man. Deemed a psychotic fan by the world’s press, only Emily knows the real reason why he did so. On the run from the terror that has caught up to […]

They say everything that comes in threes is perfect, and The Weeknd is now ready to release his trifecta of music.  NEW VIDEO: The Weeknd “Rolling Stone”  The Weeknd will be re-releasing his three highly acclaimed mixtapes, House Of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes Of Silence, which will all be digitally remastered and edited.  For fans […]

Pharrell Williams has never been a tough guy. If anything, hopeless romantics and band geeks should feel closest to the music he has put out in past. With songs like “Angel” and “Number One,” you have to realize that Skateboard P is undoubtedly in love with love. PHOTOS: Cub Loving: Pharrell Expresses His Cougar-Loving Past […]

Fall is here and Hollywood is gearing up to release some amazing new projects. We’re in for a fall of villains gone good and legends brought to life. If you’ve been to the movies in the last month or so you’ve probably seen a preview of these films, but now we’re excited to present the […]

As summer begins to simmer down and fall movies begin to burst onto the scene, major movie trailers have us inching on the edge of our seats, ready to rush to theaters. TRAILER TIME: “Unconditional” & Other Upcoming Movie Trailers! Dead Europe, which stars Ewen Leslie as Isaac and Marton Csokas as Niko, is definitely […]

Even though the hype over summer releases is simmering down, there are still plenty of movies coming up this fall to get excited for, including the latest, Premium Rush. TRAILER TIME: “The Campaign,” “The Bourne Legacy” & More! Check out the trailer to Premium Rush and other great upcoming movies of the summer and fall below. Premium […]

If you’ve ever been in a club with Diddy, then you would know the boy has been “making movies” for years now.  PHOTOS: Did Cassie And Diddy Get Engaged?!  Well this time, Diddy is actually making a movie. The rap mogul is filming a documentary called Ibiza, all about the infamous party island in the Mediterranean.  There […]