Columbus Day is one of those holidays where you’re not sure which institutions are open or closed — but you do know that it’s one of those weird American moments that should not be celebrated. Leave it Twitter to keep it all the way trill about  Christopher Columbus  — you know, the guy who took […]

Today marks 18 years since the devastating September 11th attacks that changed the country as a whole. Every year, most Americans honor the ones we lost on that fateful day, while others have managed to turn other people’s pain into profit. Even some of the most popular brands we know have been hit with […]

Popeyes’ new Chicken Sandwich is all the rage on social media. It went Nationwide on August 12th and it’s literally all folks are talking about on the timelines.  The chicken. The Brioche. The pickles. Oh My!   And don’t add some sauce to it. Whew! It’s highly recommended by Black Twitter: But for years, we’ve […]

The fact that the World Wide Web turns 28 years old today either means Millennials are getting old, the Internet is young as hell in the grand scheme of things, or that so much has happened in those 28 years that it feels like we’ve been surfing the web for a lifetime. Which is low […]

From 'Waiting to Exhale' to 'Black Panther,' does movie music still define a generation?