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On the latest episode of ‘Caresha Please,’ Yung Miami shared a kink of hers that has the world buzzing. Click inside to find out what it is and see fans reactions.

If there’s one thing the internet is good at, it’s taking any person, quote or situation and finding humor in it. This is essentially what made Black Twitter what it is today.  No one is exempt. That goes for City Girls and moguls alike. Yung Miami, who happens to be one half of the Miami based rap group City Girls had one of her idols on her new podcast this week (January 20).

Although Miami and Trina discussed various topics including the current state of female rap, relationships, being from Miami and confidence, there was one specific interaction that caught everyone’s attention. During a segment on the show, the duo plays Yung Miami’s new drinking card game ‘Resha Roulette.’ Each card has ‘Take a shot’ at the top and scenarios that would cause participants to drink if they’ve experienced them. Caresha’s card read ‘Take a shot if you like golden showers.’ She laughed and said ‘I do’ immediately. After she admitted that this was something she enjoyed, Da Baddest Chick proceeded to ask questions to get further clarification on all the details. You can watch the hilarious exchange below.

As we all know, the 28 year-old Yung Miami has been dating Diddy for quite some time now. So it only made sense that once this clip went viral, he was the first person people thought about. In fact, ‘Pee Diddy’ started trending on Twitter. Of course it didn’t take long for people to start getting their jokes off.

There were some fans who took the time to note that the City Girls were down bad.

The great comedian Dave Chappelle started trending also. Fans couldn’t help but to bring up his iconic ‘Piss On You’ video from his show in 2003.

Another day, another good laugh. How can you not love Black Twitter?