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Monica In Concert - Atlanta, GA

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In the late ’90s Katrina Laverne Taylor, more affectionately known as just Trina, popped out on the Miami rap scene. She’d caught the attention of up-and-coming rapper Trick Daddy, who put a young Trina on his now-famous song “Nann N*gga” — and the rest is history.

Much like the young women who rep the city today, Trina was as raw as they come, putting on for hood girls who could hold their own and go bar for bar with the fellas. Securing a deal with Slip-N-Slide Records, Trina was introduced in the era of female rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. She positioned herself as “Da Baddest B*tch” and quickly became a favorite of the time. More than two decades later, she continues to inspire new waves of rap girls… Alexa, cue City Girls’ “Run Them Bands Up.”

Today, for the Queen’s birthday, we wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane to remind folks of how long Trina has been working. It’s also visual proof that she seriously has not aged a day. In an interview this past summer with Rolling Stone, she said she’s inspired by the new age women in Hip Hop today.

“You know what, it’s a beautiful feeling. It inspires me. It keeps me pushing. Because these young girls have taken something from me, some type of inspiration of small sort, and have taken that, and felt that. That they could be secure. They could do what they want to do,” she told the outlet.

We love to see it and we will forever celebrate one of the baddest to ever do it.

1. Early ’00s Trina.

Trina at Smooth Pre-BET Party Source:Getty

2. Trina and Trick.

BET Spring Bling 2006 - Day 2 - Backstage Source:Getty

3. Circa 2006.

Celebs At Club A.I. Source:Getty

4. Circa 2007.

Katrina Taylor, the rap artist known as Trina, poses in the Source:Getty

5. Beautiful as ever.

The 2008 Dirty Awards - Red Carpet Source:Getty

6. Spotted at the 2010 Hennessy Artistry Concert Series.

2010 Hennessy Artistry Concert Series - October 14, 2010 Source:Getty

7. She hasn’t aged a day.

Mychael Knight - Front Row & Backstage - Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Source:Getty

8. Circa 2013.

The Blonds - Runway - Fall 2013 MADE Fashion Week Source:Getty

9. Looking like a queen.

Monica In Concert - Atlanta, GA Source:Getty

10. The Trina we know and love these days.

RapCaviar Live Concert Source:Getty

11. Happy Birthday to da baddest!

BET Hip Hop Awards 2021 - Backstage and Audience Source:Getty

12. We love you forever.