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Twitter Threatens Legal Action Over New Competitor Threads By Meta

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Social media users migrate from popular social media platform, Twitter, to find new communities on the latest apps like Spill and Threads. The app Threads is built by Instagram and backed by Meta, boasting over 40 million sign-ups since its launch on Wednesday. Check out how celebrities, creators and brands have already got ahead of the action inside.

It’s a sad day when Twitter began making changes that long-time users found distasteful, pushing them off the app and in unchartered waters. With Twitter’s new ruler Elon Musk, fans noticed that little changes happening in the Twitterverse. There was one announcement that suggested users would have to pay to view tweets after a certain amount. Twitter users also observed how much the app has changed since its inception back in 2006.

Just ahead of the holiday, an app called Spill launched. It seemed promising, but you need a code to access the Beta version of the upcoming social media app meant to replace Twitter. This exclusivity left Meta and Instagram’s newest baby Threads to take the social media world by storm.

Celebrities, musicians, athletes, iconic brands and creators have flocked to get in on the action on Threads, including The Kardashians, Pharrell, Simone Biles, Shaq, Usher, Jack Harlow, McDonald’s, NBA, and more.

Thanks to Instagram’s integration, it’s super simple to create a Threads account and keep up with some of your favorite followers on your other account. However, some users (who actually read the terms and conditions) noticed that it might be a little difficult to delete your Threads account if you don’t enjoy it. So, we would encourage you to read those terms and conditions before you make the leap. Or don’t. Most of us didn’t and we’re fine (for now).

Twitter will certainly be missed as users try and find the next wave on social media. Will you migrate over to the Threads app or will you wait to access Spill?

For now, check out some of our favorite celebrity and branded Threads below:

  • BackStreet Boys: “Oh my god, we’re back again.”
  • Usher: “Am I trending yet? 😅”
  • McDonald’s: “hi from grimace say it back plsss”
  • Paris Hilton: “Get in babes, we’re going to break the internet.”
  • Keke Palmer: “So we doing spill or threads? I need to know before I fully commit.”