**EXCLUSIVE** 40/40: 40 Memorable Jay Z Quotes

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    The big homie Jay Z is celebrating the big 4-0, and what better way to celebrate with him than to have 40 of his most memorable quotes (per our Twitter followers) featured on the site. Check out some of the quotes our followers on Twitter have submitted to us. What’s your most memorable Jay Z line?

    Dreamkatcher33: ‘jeans too tight You colors too bright, your voice too light’ -D.O.A.

    Heyheylbj: “if everyone body in your clique is rich/ your click is rugged/nobody will fall cause everyone will be each others crutches” -I’m Feelin It

    Amoursare: “Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week”  -Diamonds Are Forever (remix)

    Regalodelmundo: “end of da story i followed the code, cracked the safe… other niggas aint in da game so they practice hate” –No Hook

    Lahasmyheartxo: “Life is for living, not living up tight’ –Young Forever

    JayZNation: “We don’t believe you, you need more people” -Takeover

    StripBlunts: “Got a club now, Special Ed, I got it made! If Jeezy payin’ Lebron, I’m payin’ Dwayne Wade!” -Empire State Of Mind

    SequoyaShanice: ‘I got 99 problems and a B**** aint one’ -99 Problems

    Fnigirl: “I can’t chill but my neck will. Haters really gone be mad off my next deal” -On To The Next One

    DJTmobile: “Friend or Foe yo state ya biz.. u to tha door.. ha there it is.. me I run the show”  -Friend or Foe

    Trinetta: “I can’t see em comin down my eyes so i gotta make the song cry” –Song Cry

    MzV03: “only God can judge so I’m gone, either love me or leave me alone’ –PSA BigBushwickRon: “I’m from the other side where other guys don’t walk too much and girls from the projects wouldn’t fuck us said we talk too much” –Where I’m From

    Dimplessince88: “you never ready, forever petty minds stay petty, mines thinking longevity till I’m 70…” -22 Two’s

    Revanewmedia: “I do this in my sleep, i sold kilos of coke, im guessin i could sell cds/im not a biznessman im a bizness MAN…’ –Diamonds (Remix)

    JehricoJoshtos: “Now I’m In Tribeca Right Next To De Niro But I’ll Be Hood Forever” –Empire State Of Mind

    September22nd: “Hustlas we don’t sleep, we rest one eye up’ –December 4th

    Myki76: I can introduce you to your maker/Bring you closer to nature/ Ashes after they cremate you bastards/Hope you been readin. –Lucifer

    oOh_Well: “My mind on my money, money on my mind If you owe me ten dollars, you ain’t giving me nine” –Say Hello

    Mo_Rease: ‘I flow like the 5 series, in various areas/And blow holes in your weak niggas theories’ -Imaginary Players

    mdotthecaptain: “I used to duck shots but now I eat quail, I probably never see jail’ –Real As It Gets

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