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The world record holder, according to the Guinness Book, for the world’s largest natural breasts is a 52-year-old Atlanta, Georgia resident named Annie Hawkins-Turner or Norma Stitz, if you’re nasty. Psst!: she does porn!

Norma’s breast size, according to Guinness, is 102ZZZs! That’s 3.5 feet of cleavage with each of her breast weighing in at 56 pounds. 

With all of that weight on her chest, we image Norma’s back must be doing a whole lot of work just to support those mammoth sized boobs.

She says that she will never have sex on camera, but has no problem putting on a naked show for anyone who comes to her website. Google it. 

As a child, Norma says that she didn’t think she was different until she got to school and found she couldn’t fit behind her desk. Her breasts have not stopped growing since.

Norma also says that she is teased by strangers almost every day but has since learned how to deal with it and does not plan on getting her breasts reduced.

Take a look at  Norma Stitz after the break.


Video of Annie Hawkins-Turner


Annie Hawkins-Turner.


Annie Hawkins-Turner.

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