Fantasy Football Boyfriends That Make You Glad The NFL Lockout Is Over! (PHOTOS)

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Reggie Bush, Clay Matthews and Mark Sanchez are just a few of the NFL’s hottest looking men.

Since these grindiron gods are gearing up to return to the football field, we thought it would be the perfect time to have our own fantasy football draft.

PHOTOS: The NFL Lockout Is Over!

But this draft isn’t for a winning team, it’s for something even better … our perfect fantasy football boyfriend!
It’s time for the women to have their own eyecandy. 

Which star players would women love to make their boyfriend for a season… or two, three, four, five?! Ladies you might find your Prince Charming right in this list.

Check out our 10 pictures of the NFL’s sexist men, forget a lockout, we know women want to be locked in with these hunks.

Above: Mark Sanchez looks sexy as a lifeguard, but he plays for the New York Jets in real life.


Dallas Cowboys reciever Miles Austin used to date Kim Kardashian and melts us with those blue eyes.


Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings showing off his nice body.


Reggie Bush from the New Orleans Saints says “Got Milk.”


Tom Brady from the New England Patriots shows his sexy side in this black and white photo.


Patrick Willis from San Francisco 49ers shows off his strong muscles.


Chad Ochocinco, this wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals shows off his six pack.


Devin Thomaswide reciever for the New York Giants, shows off his tats.


Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys makes hats look hot.


Terrell Owens is wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengal and gets sexy for the camera.

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