Isn't It Time We Had (Metta) World Peace? (PHOTOS)

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    With the NBA season rolling through its first three weeks, it’s strange that many of the commentators are calling Los Angeles Lakers power forward Metta World Peace.

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    Yes, it’s his legally changed name, but the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest has done something quite brilliant.

    With every Laker game, announcers and commentators have to say “Metta World Peace” and if they say it enough, maybe it will start to stick in people’s minds. If you didn’t know, Metta means “the practice of universal love.”

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    Metta World Peace is like a song you hear one time and then after awhile, you’re singing it every minute.

    So if people keep hearing World Peace over and over again, maybe someday it can be achieved. And who will we thank? Metta World Peace.

    Staying in the same lane, we figured why not put together a gallery of the greatest NBA jersey ever?



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