OH, DONNY! Donald Trump’s Most Absurd WTF Moments (LIST)

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    Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he had big, possibly game-changing news about President Barack Obama. Trump told us to expect the news at noon today.

    Well, sure enough, Trump did announce something, and it was stupid. At noon Donald tweeted out a video where he proclaimed that he would donate $5 million dollars if Barack released his college records.

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    Yeah, it’s idiotic. And it’s not just us saying it either: after the news hit, Twitter proceeded to light his ass up because of his shenanigans.

    Of course no one was really that surprised, considering that The Donald has a history of self-serving, attention-grabbing behavior.

    VIDEO: The Big Announcement! Donald Trump Will Give Chicago Charity $5 Million If Obama Releases School Records 

    So where does this rank among Donald Trump WTF moments? 

    Scroll down and decide for yourself! 


    Donald Trumps’ Birther Claims Against President Obama

    It seems like eons ago, but at one time, The Donald was a potential presidential candidate. One of the angles he was running with was the birther theory — the claim that Barack shouldn’t be president because he’s not really American.

    Of course the claim is ridiculous, but Donald wouldn’t let it go, even demanding that the President release his birth certificate. All the birther yells were finally put to rest after Obama put out his birth certificate.

    As for Donald’s presidential plans, they were forever eviscerated after Obama completely ethered the man at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

    Donald Trump Calls Rosie O’Donnell “Disgusting,” “A Slob,” “A Disaster,” “A Very Unattractive Person,” And A Whole Bunch Of Ugly Things 

    Ouch, ouch and more ouch. For years, Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have had a Tupac and Biggie style beef. Things were at its ugliest point in 2006, when Donald ripped into the star for calling him a “snake-oil salesman.” Just listen to the rant above; it doesn’t get much uglier than that, folks. 

    However, we’ll give credit where it’s due. Earlier this year when Rosie had a heart attack, Donald sent some kind words to her on Twitter. 

    Donald’s Beef With Women In General

    It’s not just Rosie, folks. The Donald has gotten into beefs with numerous powerful women, including Angelina Jolie, Cher, Rihanna and Arianna Huffington. Often the comments are about their looks and are considered rude and sexist.

    Donald Trump Blames Derek Jeter’s Most Recent Slump On The Fact That He Sold His Apartment In The Trump Towers

    Donald Trump being active on Twitter has been a gift and — well, just a gift, especially if you’re critic of his. Trump is usually good for a couple of outrageous comments every month or so. The one see you above about New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter is particularly baffling.  

    Donald Trump’s “I Always Had A Great Relationship With The Blacks.” 

    Donald said this incredibly stupid quote when asked about Obama’s hold on the black vote. Just a guess, Donald, but if you call them “the blacks” we’re just going to assume your relationship with black people isn’t that strong. 

    The Donald Forcing People Out Of Their Homes In Scotland 

    It took seven years, but last year Donald was finally able to open up his $1.5 billion dollar golf course in Scotland. There were some casualties, of course. One of them was Michael Forbes, who refused to sell his property. Trump went on to completely insult his home, calling it a slum and a pigsty. 

    Donald Trump’s Claim That We Should Steal Iraq’s Oil  

    On Monday, President Obama and Mitt Romney had an epic debate about foreign policy. Thank God Trump was nowhere near the room; he would take us into World War 3. During a interview with George Stephanopoulos, Donald suggested we just take Iraq’s oil, claiming that we deserve it because we took out Saddam Hussein. Stephanopoulos said this would be stealing and Donald went off: “Excuse me. You’re not stealing. Excuse me. You’re not stealing anything. You’re taking– we’re reimbursing ourselves– at least, at a minimum, and I say more. We’re taking back $1.5 trillion to reimburse ourselves.” Sigh.

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