“We Were Just Friends!” Honey Cocaine Addresses Rumors That Freddy E Committed Suicide Over Her (VIDEO)

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    In an exclusive MTV interview, Honey Cocaine addresses the rumors that Tyga’s artist Freddy E committed suicide because of a failed relationship between the two.

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    “It was just a friendship,” she said. “We did everything for each other as friends.”

    The rumors started when Honey Cocaine tweeted that she was single, right before Freddy E’s death.

    She also talked about what may have pushed Freddy to suicide.

    “I think he was just going through a lot, that was his personal business. Sometimes people can’t handle it, if I could have done something I would have done something.”

    She continued, saying that she knew nothing about his live tweeting because she was at the gym.

    “I didn’t believe it at first.”

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    Check out the video to see what else Honey Cocaine has to say about her friend Freddy E.

    This entire situation is sad. We’re praying for all parties involved.


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