$5 Half A Foot Long? Subway Being Sued For False Advertising! (PHOTOS)

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    Here’s a tip for Subway. You don’t mess with people’s food!

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    Two New Jersey men are more than upset that the fast-food chain’s “$5 Foot Longs” aren’t actually 12 inches long. In fact, after measuring sandwiches from a few stores, they concluded that they are closer to 11.

    John Farley and Charles Noah Pendrack are now suing Subway for not giving them enough bread and meat. They are asking for compensatory damages and a change in Subway’s practices.

    When Subway learned of the disappointment, they blamed it on the bread not being baked correctly. Then, just for good measure (no pun intended) they said that the “$5 Foot Long” slogan isn’t meant to be a measurement of length.

    But the lawyer from the plaintiffs says that is no excuse and the missing bite is worth about 45 cents per sandwich.

    Somebody did their homework! And Subway better get it together before they have a mob of hungry workers on their lunch break descend on their stores for being short changed. Pun definitely intended.

    SOURCE: Daily Mail 

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