TNT’s Saturday Morning Special: Top 5 Tracks Of The Week (NEW MUSIC)

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It’s Super Bowl weekend and all eyes are on the Crescent City. A lotta cars, people, freaks, geeks and jeeps. It’s New Orleans during Mardi Gras is what most would say, but then you add in the biggest American sports weekend and, in one word, it’s…bonkers. Speaking of Jeeps, I’ve been rolling around to this new Action Bronson “Strictly 4 The Jeeps.” I think this may be the hottest Bronson record yet. It has that mainstream club feel for newbies but still maintains its hardcore edge for his real fans. If your knowledgeable in your hip-hop history, you’ll recognize the beat and how Action’s throwback flow pays homage to a classic hip hop record from a Queens legend.

After I heard rumors of The Goodie Mob reuniting last year, I stayed tuned into what was moving musically in Atlanta. When I peeped this new Cee Lo record “Only You,” like a quickie, I was disappointed but excited at the same time. No Kudjo or Gipp on this with Cee Lo, just Lauriana Mae. I mean, don’t get me wrong, “Only You” is an incredible record that will probably give Mr. Green another Top 40 hit. Lauriana Mae is super duper exquisite with her vocals. But when are we going to hear that vintage Cee Lo once again, with one of The ATL’s most groundbreaking hip-hop groups in Goodie?


Last week at Chung King studios in NYC, Joe Budden held an album preview listening. It was free liquor, hookah smoke (weed smoke once Big Kap arrived) and Joey’s finest new tunes off of his new album No Love Lost, which drops this Tuesday. Without a doubt, one of the stand out tracks on the album is “NBA (Never Going Broke).” It stands out because it features Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. But also the wordplay or the play on words is super dope. Joe Budden touches on everything about his reality “NBA” life from ballin’ to groupie broads. He even touches on the Nets relocation to Brooklyn, go figure…

At this point, anything Brooklyn MC Joey BadA$$ does musically gets the attention it deserves. So this whole thing that has erupted with West Coast rapper Lil B has turned into a somewhat-but-not-really sort of beef. This week it all came to ahead as both rappers fired missiles at each other from their respective coasts. This is definitely not the 2013 version East Coast vs. West Coast (just don’t tell that to the NY Post) but great beef in rap always makes for memorable diss records. So in this corner, from the Bay Area, weighing in at probably 100lbs, at best, is Lil B the Based God AKA Pink Flame… with his say or song on it, “I’m The BadA$$.”

And in this corner, from Brooklyn…that’s all you really need to say. He’s a light weight who gets his weight up with every new record he drops, including his new sh*t with DJ Premier, “Unorthodox.” He’s the front man of the Pro Era crew. Ladies and Fellas, I bring to you Joey BadA$$ with the freestyle that may have just ended Lil B’s career…”Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” Hey, it’s a good as long as it stays lyrical right? Until We Read Again…  


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