Kate Upton & Her Girls Turn 21 Today (PHOTOS)

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    Today is Kate Upton‘s 21st Birthday.

    It’s hard to believe she’s only 21. She was born in 1992. How old do you feel?

    In her 21 short years on this planet, she’s rolled around in a lot of bikinis, hit lots of red carpets and even graced the cover of Vogue.

    Whoever discovered Kate should be given an award. A plaque. A trophy. Something.

    So let’s give it up for Kate Upton and her boobs, the true champions here.

    Just look at those things.

    They’re perfect.

    They’re magical.

    They look good in color…

    or black and white…

    from the side…

    at the beach

    in the pool

    when they’re being interviewed

    when they’re dancing with strangers

    dancing in the ocean

    or in front of a plain white background

    [two times for good measure.]


    When they’re hula-hooping


    when they’re edited to look super sexual

    covered by starfish

    laying in the grass


    in a wet white t-shirt

    and pretty much all hanging out there. 

    But we can all agree, they look their best in slow motion…

    and especially like this

    So happy birthday, Kate Upton!

    You’re 21 and fabulous.


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