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It’s who we are.  “Superhero” can be defined as a person of “unprecedented physical prowess dedicated to act of derring-do in the public interest”. We usually think this means jumping tall buildings, turning green or being faster than a speeding bullet but we all have qualities that make us stronger and pull us through hard times. Despite our awareness, this is our inner strength, perseverance and drive that enables us to succeed, overcome obstacles and keep going.
Sometimes we think big life crisis’s are the only obstacles, but understand we overcome small obstacles everyday that empowers us. When we pass a hard test, stand up for ourselves, work multiple jobs to pay bills, battle diseases, these all count. Personally, throughout my career, I’ve had fans, colleagues & friends tell me about things they’ve gone through and whether my music, family or something got them through it. This always inspired me to work harder, dance stronger and try different things, that’s my Super C…not an alter ego but who we are.
This is what I want everyone to recognize, that your inner superhero is ALWAYS with you even when you’re not aware or not sure. Don’t believe me?

I shared some of my superhero moments and now I want you to share your SUPERHERO! You’ll see that everyone goes through those moments which make you stronger so let’s hear it!