Last night Atlanta’s Hot107.9 held their annual concert Birthday Bash and it turned into the battle of the bling. In my opinion Lil Duval stole the show with his Fake Azz Chain, which broke by the end of the night, but the other rappers really tried to put on for their city. Here is a brief view of the best bling from Birthday Bash.

Keri Hilson came in last place with Little to no bling, she does look fine as day though. I love the way she dances and moves the crowd. She’s in a league of her own right now and I look forward to more great things from Miss Kerrrriiii Babbbbbyyyyy!


Sean Garret and Mario are next on my list, Sean the Pen Garrett the man behind a lot of your favorite songs rocked a plethora of nice bling for the masses in Atlanta to see, but when it comes to the big boys… He’s no Mr. T. Don’t think I’m hating because Sean’s bling game is still better than 90% of all who will read this blog. (I’m in the 90% with y’all) 


Yeah I know Sean Garrett has more bling on than Young Dro and Yung LA but he doesn’t have that Futuristic Stupid Fruity Swag!! White boy Tags and Dope Boy Swag! Dro is going ham on you fools, and c’mon what can really beat Rosary Beads these days? 


OJ The Juice Man is so ICY, Look at his wrist… I’ll wait while you go get some shades. AYE! Ice like that can only be found in the north-pole. 


Gorilla Zoe up next, Zoe has chains on deck and didn’t even break out his heavy Ice for the night, that’s because he’s so dope he doesn’t even have too. It look like he has a plate of ICE on his chest. When your diamonds match your shirt it’s going to be hard for anyone to beat you. PAUSE!


My n*gga Maino was one of the only NY rappers on the Birthday Bash bill. And I know what y’all are saying: ‘I can’t even see his ice’! Well, when you smacked as many rappers as Maino has, you get great placement where ever!


Again I know what you’re saying ‘Trey Songz ain’t even got that much Ice on Xilla’ but when you get the ladies hot like Trey does, the ice in both the north and south poles wouldn’t be enough to cool the chicks down. 


Jeezy brought out Weezy and stole the show at Birthday Bash… and well when you have as many kids on the way as Wayne does… 2 words… ICE COLD! 


Soulja Boy and Bow Wow attacked Birthday Bash with kisses through phones and super man type ice. From the looks at these pictures though. Bow Wow might have left his Ice in his basement… Right next to the pole. 


Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo blinded at least 15 people with their chain game. Gucci has an interstate sign and a Falcon helmet on his chest. So ICY!! Gucci got his MR. T on for real. Nice to know no beef popped off at the show, just a lot of Ice&

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