The Daily Grind Video

After the success of ‘Hi Hater‘, ‘All of The Above‘ and now ‘A Million Bucks‘ what else can I really say? Having a certified solid gold single right now I can’t thank my fans enough. I just wanted to be able to touch the people through my music. Everyday when I am out here on my grind, and promoting my album, I touch people, and I try to make them take a new look at New York, and to show them a new face of New York.

I feel like with me, they can get a new breath of fresh New York air. For a while, its just been old stuff coming from us, the same old stuff that we’ve been pushing for years now. Well it was time NY brings something new to the table. No one can say I don’t make good music. I mean as much as they try to hate, I just wave to them..hi haters. I mean sure, I can put out the same stuff that everybody else is putting
out but, I don’t want my music to only get knocked in Brooklyn I want my songs to be played worldwide. I’m global!

Let me share something with y’all. The other day someone asked me what’s the hottest track on my album. I whole album is hot but to name a few there is a track called Remember My Name which is about how when I came into the game. You see, I wanted to be famous, I wanted to be liked, and when I stepped into the room I wanted people know my name! So I felt like I had to hustle hard and make
people into believers.

Another joint is I got on my album is Floating, which is about what I go through on the street. It’s like when I when I lose a homie to death, jail, or the damage of a bullet wound that’s some hard stuff to go through.  It makes me not want to be sober
because of the pain. It bothers me so much that I want to be on a cloud so I don’t have to deal with it, you feel me? So I wrote the song, used it as medicine for my cancerous life.

At the end of the day my music is my real life it’s what I’m going through, everything you hear in music is what I go through in my real life I am giving you a piece of me. Honestly it feels like tremendous and I can’t tell you how blessed I am. To be one of the only new artists coming from NY right now it feels great.