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Why The Tiger Woods Story Is So Surprising.

I have asked myself this question for the last week and a half and I believe I came to a conclusion. It all stems from who Tiger Woods is? One of my earliest memories of Tiger is the commercial of all the kids claiming they are Tiger Woods. Well it turns out that Tiger is just like the rest of us, normal and imperfect. He just happens to play golf better than anybody in the world.

Two weeks ago, Tiger was a mixed raced version of Opie Cunningham and Carlton Banks combined, only cooler. Tiger was the guy who, if our kids couldn’t grow up to be like Barack Obama, we would want our kids to be him. Now, he’s just a guy who reaped the benefits of being worth a billion dollars. He’s a victim of the recession, so now money hungry women are coming forward to let the world know they opened their legs to a married man.

These women are just as responsible as Tiger, if not more responsible. Each one of them knew Tiger was married, but again he’s worth a billion dollars. He’s the most popular athlete in the world, and there are not too many women who will to turn down a night with Tiger. Heck many of them probably threw themselves at him the first chance they got.

I am not Tiger Woods, but how many men can say if they were Tiger, they wouldn’t end up in the same exact situation, a lot quicker than Tiger did, I might add. His image destroyed, his empire tarnished, his life demolished, and his family torn apart. Yet, all he asked for was a little privacy, but he’ll never get it, because of the public’s appetite for scandal. One good thing is that people are extremely forgiving. At the end of the day, this is nothing that a few more statements, and a couple more wins at majors can’t fix. Good luck Tiger. I’m rooting for you.

Xilla aka Fire Marshall Xilla – Gossip & Entertainment Editor



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