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Modeling is probably the dream of many girls all over the world, but few are willing and ready to dream big, instead they settle for second best.  For me modeling is not just walking on the catwalk or having my photo taken.  In every photo that I take I am selling a product and I have to project a given image.

But I believe that despite the widespread convention that models should not put themselves or dominate the product but I believe that every once in a while comes a model whose look and personality dominate the fashion scene.  We have seen the super models like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Iman, Tyra Banks rise to stardom and as a young girl I was strongly influenced by the presence in the fashion industry. That is why I believe that as a model, my role extends beyond the usual call of duty and I can become the face of women from all around the world, from Africa and inspire them to work toward their dream.

On a personal level, I would also be enabling my family to achieve their dreams, to my siblings to whom I am not only an elder sister but at times a surrogate mother since we lost our mother when we were young. With my success at Miss Universe finals in 2007, I have been able to inspire many Tanzanian girls and I have been an advocate for children expressing always the importance of education and the importance of developing the female child in a family. But. action speaks louder than words, and my success as a young African woman would say more than numerous speeches.

When I met Russell Simmons a month ago in New York, I never thought that my dreams can come true so fast, I knew that it would be a long journey to success, taking me years to get to work in America as a model.  But Russell Simmons has been ever so helpful giving me the opportunity to audition in New York with outstanding agencies and he is working on helping me find a modeling home in January. Have met many people but honestly he is the man of his own kind, sacrifising his time beside his busy schedule he has, very few people can do this as have had so many promises after doing well in Miss Universe but up to now haven’t heard from any of the people who promised to help me pursuing my career.  I am so  excited about the possibilities and opportunities that await me in the future, in the United States, and I can only hope and pray that all things work out.  May God bless Russell Simmons in whatever he his doing.

Flaviana Matata