The Daily Grind Video

whaddup Global Grinderz!   it’s tha bigg homey snoop dogg and I wanna thank everyone for their support n luv on release day and week.   I had a blast at tha party with Travis Barker – shout out to Famous Stars n Straps, as well as their whole crew.   Also, shout out to Skateboard P, The Game, Nipsey, Travis, Hustle Boyz, Dogg Pound, Snoopadelics, B Real, Eddie Griffin, Lamar Odom, Young Dre, I know i am forgettin sum people, we had a lot come out and I thank everyone involved.  Now to tha real bidness……go pick up tha album and quit bullshitin.  Its fire.  It’s tha #1 hiphop album on itunes right now.   It’s tha hottest shit in tha streets.  I WANNA ROCK is tha hottest single on tha radio and believe this…..1800 is definitely gonna be commn sooon to a hood near you jacc!!!  Also, top of 2010 in March, tha mini movie is hittin tha scene, with more music from Malice – its gonna be tha shit homey and u better go pick it up before I stick my size 12 Chuck up yo ass….joking.   hahah.   Im in NYC tonite doin radio with DJ Clue and I got my release party out here so make sure and be there – get wid it or get rolld on.   Malice N Wonderland in stores now – pick it up – and be on da lookout for tha next single – not why, but why not????  and u do know that……..