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With the escalation of the war in Afghanistan and the continued fight over the public option, many people who put their hopes on Barack Obama are struggling with how to push the President to be the change that he promised us throughout his campaign.

We are struggling with critics saying, “I told you so” to pundits screaming that it’s the end of his presidency and the re-emergence of the conservative right.

However, through all the editorials and barbershop discussions, I know one thing for certain.

My hope never lied solely on Barack Obama, my hope always lied with the millions of people who continued to organize for change across America.

My hope still lies with the youth who turned out in record numbers determined to have politicians take notice of the emerging majority.

My hope still lies with those who continue to realize our collective strength once we choose to come together with a common vision and a common purpose.

My hope still lies with you.

Yes I am saddened that Obama announced the deployment of 30,000 more American troops to an unjust and bloody war.

Yes I am outraged that the fear-based rhetoric and failed policies of the last eight years seem to be continuing.

Yes I am concerned that millions of people will die of preventable illnesses because our government is unwilling to provide health care to every person living in America.

But, in spite of all of this, I am not defeated.

In fact, I am now motivated more than ever.

I never expected Obama to be the country’s or for that matter the world’s savior.

I was clear that his election was an example of how to elect a progressive individual and that the difficult work would be to sustain a movement to keep ourselves and Obama committed to our principles and values of love and social justice.

The escalation of the war in Afghanistan and the struggle over health care is a grim reminder that our work is still clearly laid out before us – 

That the needed time we took to enjoy the historic Presidential victory has ended and now the real work must begin.

So, I ask you to dig deep and find that same fervor.

Find that same energy.

Find that same intensity that sustained so many of us to campaign for Barack Obama.

We must channel those feelings and emotions once again to enact the change that so many of us have within our hearts.

Remember, now is not the time to lose ourselves in Obama, now is the time to organize more than ever.

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