The Daily Grind Video

<p>Oh, Possums I have been through hell and high water! From Dead Sea to Dead End. From my toes to my vagina back to my vagina, to my vagina, again and again and again.</p><p>My mother just left my house and I was burning real powerful incense that I picked up from the Chinaman&rsquo;s West Indian Shop (the one I told you about before) to clear out the evil energies. Maaaybe it was my mother&rsquo;s energies, I needed clearing out, maybe not. But, something was amiss even when I awoke this morning.</p><p>So, there I was getting the frankincense and myrrh ready to burn, when I realized that I forgot to buy charcoal to put underneath it, so then I had to take some paper and tear it into strips.&nbsp; I then headed to the bathroom to draw a bath.</p><p>The phone rang.</p><p>&ldquo;Mom&rsquo;s dead isn&rsquo;t she? I knew it!! I knew it!! They say that you should be careful what you wish for when you are angry with someone, cause it may really happen. How did it happen? Did she leave me any money?&nbsp; I bet she didn&rsquo;t leave me any money! I know that she never forgave me for having to give up her career. What career? And it&rsquo;s too late to get an early appointment for the hairdresser&rsquo;s tomorrow and then I have to dust off my red sequin dress that I bought online, but that shouldn&rsquo;t be a problem, cause I have it wrapped in plastic, and-&rdquo;</p>