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<p>Gabrielle Union visited Jimmy Kimmel&rsquo;s show last night and was open as she wanted to be about her relationship with Dwyane Wade. She talked about her dad&rsquo;s reaction to her dating him as well as him visiting the set of her new series &ldquo;Flash Forward&rdquo;. Excerpt:</p><p>My high school boyfriend was Jason Kidd so I kinda had high standards from a young age. So my dad is like &ldquo;what do you got, he has a gold medal what are you coming with? He doesn&rsquo;t have to support you in any kind of way&rdquo;.</p><p>My dad is court side [at the games] like the Queen of Sheba with like a number 3 jersey on. [I go to the games] when I&rsquo;m in town.</p><p>We aren&rsquo;t the biggest fans of how they linked up, but you gotta love this couple now. Hand signals during the game! Come on now how freakin&rsquo; cute is that. You can tell they are really in love. It is break-up season though.</p><p>Video on site…</p>