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“I want to BAN Nicki Minaj.” I hear those words every Monday, it never fails. On BAN Mondays I always get a variety of responses, but that one stays consistent. If you don’t know who Nicki Minaj is, you basically have been living under a rock.

The girl has taken over the industry in the matter of a year. As her popularity rose, so did the hate. She’s fake, she can’t rap, she is wack that is what listeners constantly express to me. It seems like either you love or hate the girl. There is no really in between I’m noticing.

I respect the girl! The industry is showing her tons of love right now. Usher, Mariah Carey, and Ludacris have all given her a stamp of approval by adding her to their albums. You can’t knock the chicks hustle. Right? Yeah the girl is over the top at time, and she calls herself a Barbie but that’s her!!


I have never been the type of hate on another female grinding to make it in a male dominated industry so RESPECT Nicki for giving life back to female in Hip-Hop. The longevity for a female MC is a shame, but I’m hoping Nicki can change that.

Yesterday I sat on a Panel with very well accomplished women in the industry including Hot 97’s K. Foxx, Shade 45, Hot 97, Fuse TV, Dee Vasquez, Island Def Jam recording artist Karina Pasian and Billboard Magazine Music Editor, Mariel Concepcion called Women on the Move! The point of this panel? For other women to support one another!! K. Foxx and Dee Vazquez actually both mentioned Nicki Minaj yesterday and said ‘You may not like the girl for how she is doing it, but respect her for doing it.’ And I agree! She is standing alone right now, keeping the door open for other female rappers. Because that door is slowly closing.


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