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We have decided to start a new daily feature, Piper’s Fab Five since there is a lot of really cool stuff on the internet and sometimes it can take hours to find it all.  As we search through some of our favorite fashion and style sites, we have chosen five of the coolest things online today. Pulled from some of our favorite sites, ads, commercials and candid pictures, this post will give you a daily report of what is hot and also sometimes, what is not.

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via ABCNews

– A usual poised and prepped Diddy doesnt seem like himself in this interview? I think some one was being mind fu$KED!


via Highsnobiety: Nike Pipe Cleaner Sneaker Art

More and more I am learning that sneaker heads really care about their shoes! What I love the most is the time and artistic views that are expressed when sneakers are the topic at hand!

Artwork by Don Porcella



via Highsnobette: World Cup Nail ART!

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