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This storey is about my life before i had the passsion for music.It was on 29th march 2009 it was my 13 birthday and it just clicked i always had it in the back of my mind i could make i living out in what i love to do.For many years ive always been inspired to do to the best of my level the most insiprational person ive looked up to is Curtis Jackson Aka 50cent because he’s been threw lots of highs and lows and look how far he’s made it i cerntely want to get to his level one day.I also look up to many other musicaibut the other person i look up to is lil wanye because he dose what he has to do but nobody is gonna tell him what to do.Another reason ive been inspired to be a rapper is for my mother she pasted away when i was about 1month old and ive been on my own for awhile ive been living with my father but its been a struggle nothing but a struggle and i wannna be the best of the best like i say ”I DONT RAP TO IMPRESS I RAP TO EXPRESS” and hopefully this would be a breakaway for me and my Family.On my Myspace page i have posted some of my songs up and i hope who ever reads this that can help dose the right thing.


By Dinamic

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plz Help.