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President Barack Obama will speak to the American public tonight from the Oval Office and he is set to discuss 5 key major points during his 20 minute speech. All of which will focus on the BP oil spill, it has now been 57 days since the oil rig exploded and the damage it has caused is now on a catastrophic event.

The President will also focus on decreasing our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels and using alternative fuel to secure our future for a safer and cleaner planet. The most important thing now is to clean up the Gulf, which should be priority number #1. Take a look at the 5 points Obama will speak on.


President Obama will address the reorganization of the department of the interior to put more focus to ensure safe energy exploration.


2. Containment & Clean-up.

Obama will address what methods need to be taken in order to contain the oil spill, a strategy for capturing as much of or all the oil leaking in the Gulf.


3. BP Oil & Their Methods.

The President will address BP’s liability on the oil spill in other words, how much will BP pay to clean up the Gulf.


4. Restoration of The Gulf.

Obama will lay pout a plan to restore the gulf coast to the way it was.


5. Getting Off Fossil Fuels. The President will lay out an agenda for us to break our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels.