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Joran van der Sloot’s girlfriend defends him even after he confessed to the murder of a Peruvian woman.  He is also the top suspect in another murder involving an American girl.  Sloot’s girlfriend, 23 year old Melody Granadillo remembers that he was romantic back when they were dating at 16 years old.  Melody came on 20/20 to share, ‘He was amazing.  He was romantic.  We could sit and talk for hours.  We liked looking into each other’s eyes.’ 

Even his mom came to his defense, Anita van der Sloot wrote an email to ABC News saying ‘I am not giving interviews to any American media station because I don’t trust htem.  Stay safe and pray for Joran.  He is not the monster they like the world to see.  He is traumatized, depressed and has an addiction.  He is not a murderer.  It stinks and feels like a big trap set up for him.’  He is currently arrested in Peru.


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