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I know its been a while since I’ve blogged but I’m ready to start again and stick with it!!! With Father’s Day right around the corner I thought it would be great to share with you my 2 amazing dad’s. Sounds like they are gay right? Ha. That would be cool too… but they’re not!  I have my Dad Freddy Bailon who I call ‘Papi’ and my step dad Joe Felix AKA ‘Papa Joe!’ And on this father’s day I just feel so thankful for these two amazing men that God has blessed me with. 

The greatest thing about them is that they are NOTHING alike ha! My Papi is a real entertainer… It’s because of him that I love to Sing and perform. He came to the U.S. from Ecuador to be the lead singer of a salsa band in Queens N.Y. He left all of his family in Ecuador and came ALONE to the states with big dreams.

I have always admired him for being fearless and going after his dream! His passion for music didn’t end there, it was passed down to my sister and I. From a young age the 3 of us would sing 3 part harmony and perform at community events, weddings, and at church. I definitely believe that I got my talent, my sense of humor, and my face (especially) from my dad! He’s worry free and can always find a joke in a bad situation.

My Papi is  ALWAYS the loudest in the room and laughing harder than anyone else! Ask him to sing anytime anywhere and he’ll have a cd in his back pocket ready! LOL. I’ve always admired these things about him! He’s such a free spirit!


My Papa Joe came into my life when I was 12 years old… Although I knew him as one of the ushers in my church I never would have thought that years later he’d marry my mother. Many times the relationship between a step parent and step child can be difficult… But, with papa this was not the case. We connected IMMEDIATELY! And I felt so blessed to have this great man in my life for so many reasons! The first one being, how happy he made my mother, then, his love and acceptance of my sister and I. He loved us as if we were his own and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for us. He was always there when we needed him.

He even took me to the audition to get into 3LW and would sit for hours waiting while I recorded in NJ! But most importantly my dad is an AMAZING husband to my mother. He treats her like a queen! And is the best example of the kind of man I want to marry. My Papa Joe is a Purple Heart Marine who fought in the Vietnam war for 2 years so sometimes he can come across as very serious and quiet but, once he cracks that grin you can’t help but love him! He’s also an amazing writer and poet and I can’t wait for him to hopefully one day release a book of his memoirs from the war.

Although they are different they share similar qualities and have both shown me so much love. They’ve been great examples of Men of God and because of them… Whoever I marry has big shoes to fill!!! 


With all of that said! I have the BEST two dad’s a girl can ask for. I also love that they get along and are friends. They have always made sure that they both were present in my life! And I can’t express how much I love and appreciate them!!! If you have an amazing father or like me… more than one… Don’t forget to let them know today and everyday!!!



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