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The band on Degrassi is called the Stüdz, which is a mix of the words “students”, “dudes” and “studs”. In real life the same guys in that band on the show – Shane Kippel who plays Spinner, Dalmar Abuzeid who plays Danny, Jamie Johnston who plays Peter Stone, Scott Paterson who plays Johnny, and myself – formed a band in called Sound Speed.

We named ourselves that because we’re a band of actors, and on set we would hear “lock it up rolling sound, sound speed and action.” We heard those words everyday, so we figured what more fitting a name for a band of actors than Sound Speed. It lets us know to take action when we hear it.

The music from our band in real life is different from the music the band does on the show.


On the show, The Stüdz are meant to be funny. When we started out, our songs were meant to be jokes, but I would like to think that our songs in Sound Speed are not jokes. We work very hard at it.

I guess you could classify us as alternative rock, but we really don’t want to be known for doing the typical, Linkin Park’s style rapping-and-screaming alternative rock. I’m a singer, and I can’t really scream too well so that takes screamo right out of our genre.

If we had to say there was one band we were trying to emulate music wise, it would definitely be Incubus. All the guys in the band love their music and I would say our sound has an “incubating Incubus” sound. We are not quite as amazing as they are just yet, but we hope that one day we will be just as good as they are.


To think that maybe we could sell millions of albums like Drake is something that makes me smile very deeply. Being on Degrassi and seeing Drake do so well is great, but I wouldn’t say that Degrassi is the reason he is as talented as he is. Aubrey Graham or Drizzy Drake – he is such a point of pride for all of us at Degrassi. We sing his choruses all day at work. It’s something that gets us going.

There is a camaraderie here. We have to be so dedicated and put in so much hard work to do the show that we become like a family. What we are doing is the same thing that Drake did while he was on the show, so he understands the process and is a part of the Degrassi family too.


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