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No recall on the iPhone but Steve Jobs is offering a free case or rubber bumper (lol)  for anyone who bought the iPhone or a free return with no restocking fee. The infamous ‘Death Grip’ is said to affect largely left handed people, but after numerous reports, complaints, and a ’no buy’ from consumer reports, Steve Jobs had to answer back with a fix. However Steve Jobs did not hint at or mentioned a software fix for said problem. Unless you get the ‘Death Grip’ proof case (29 dollars or free by September 30) you will still have the issue. If your mad that you bought the case a full refund is offered. This is no Ring of Death Xbox owners face but still a insurmountable error by the worlds best ‘Smartphone’ maker Apple. Steve Jobs offered an apology to the customers, “To our customers who are affected by the issue, we are deeply sorry” but no apology for the stock investors who lost $5. Is this a solution or just a quick fix? Only time will tell. If you ask me it’s just like giving a child a candy after his toy breaks to distract him, however this is a very expensive toy.