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Marshawn Vinson was an A student at Creston. He had a two-month old son who he was planning to raise. But he won’t get the chance.

Vinson, 17, was shot to death Saturday night, and dropped off at Spectrum Butterworth without any ID.

His family gathered on Monday to grieve his loss, and called for an end to the violence.

The details of his death remain a bit fuzzy. Investigators said he was traveling in a car with friends when they came across another car blocking the road in the 1100 block of Watkins . Vinson got out, and he was shot once in the chest.

Someone rushed him to the hospital, but just dropped him off. He died shortly after.


His grandmother, Denise Vinson, has questions she wants answered about what happened Friday night. ‘Where are the parents of the person driving the car, do you know that a crime was committed in a car, who the car belong to? None of that has been revealed to me.’

But she also reflected on her grandson. ‘Architect, writer, he could write, he could draw, he could do anything he wanted because he had it.’

She’s perplexed about how things got to the point where her grandson was gunned down.

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