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Get up and close with the Taliban in a new documentary made by a Norwegian journalist embedded with Taliban fighters has provided a rare glimpse of the other side of the Afghanistan conflict.

Paul Refsdal captured the footage and shows the Afghan militants attacking U.S. convoys on a road below their mountainous hide-out and celebrating hits with a high-five.

The men also show their softer side to the Norwegian journalist by singing, reciting verses from the Koran and even brushing their long hair as he quietly records their day-to-day activities.


Refsdal spent seven weeks waiting in Kabul for permission to join Dawran, a commander in the east of the country. Refsdal describes it as the ‘point of no return’ and says: ‘At that point I had to greet them and trust they were not fanatics.

‘The Taliban are fighting tall white men and I am a tall white man with a camera.

‘If the Taliban suspect me of being a spy they will execute me.’ This is a real look at the enemy that we are fighting, take a look at ‘Behind Enemy Lines’.