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In 2008, Belvedere Vodka introduced the first of the company’s new line of vodkas with their Intense 100 Proof Vodka. The new 100 Proof Vodka  has the consistency of a cognac with rich notes of chocolates, savory spices, and caramel and comes in a black bottle with silver trees that put a fitting look to the class that this drink symbolizes. 

Manufacturers of Belvedere were so pleased that they started to dream up ways to continue the Intense line and have succeeded by creating Intense Unfiltered 80.  Belvedere invited us to try this new offering and we have to say it is delicious.

Unfiltered 80 is so tasty that you wouldn’t want to mix it with anything.  You’d just want to enjoy the flavor trip this mellow and smooth vodka takes you on. Unfiltered 80 is distilled four times from Dankowskie Diamond Rye, which is a rare and super premium baker’s grade grain that gives this creamy vodka an elegant full bodied taste that has hints of baked breads, caramel, sea salt and the spice of white pepper. The unfiltered vodka is a departure from Belvedere’s usual filtration and distillation processes but gives the flavor and smoothness only an unfiltered vodka can.



If you like what Belvedere has to offer and you want to help spread the word, you could win your dream job and a chance to compete for a $100,000 contract working for Belvedere as their global ambassador.

The contest entitled “A Bartender’s Dream Job” is looking for dynamic and humorous personalities to travel the world working with Claire Smith, the Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology for Belvedere. You can enter the contest by logging onto Belvedere Vodka’s official Facebook contest page and uploading a video showing your passion for Belvedere and your lively personality.

Voting polls close on October 15th so for your chance to win log onto Belvedere Dream Job to upload your vid and vote for your favorites in the competition. Find out more about Unfiltered 80 by visiting the Belvedere site – HERE.