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It’s funny because people think that dating for me is just so easy, but it has never been. I can’t explain it but I guess I am just not attracted to people easily.

For me it’s about the chemistry and it just doesn’t happen like that. I went to an all girls school, 1st grade until I graduated high school.

I was taking two ballet classes and there were two guys and they were gay. So, it’s weird when a guy at the movies tries to hold my hand. I still get nervous around guys.

Actually, a while ago my friend and I went to dinner with a guy that likes me. During dinner my friend was saying that it’s hard for both of us to date. The guy looked at me and said “with all do respect I would like to change that for you.”


The only thing I could think about was drinking my sprit and I drank the whole thing in a half a minute, I so nervous!

I have a persona on twitter that is super sexual and everything but in real life I’m not really like that. I’m just modeling because people put me in that position. I was not even pursuing it.

I do things upon request and it’s not even something that I love to do. It’s fun but I’m honestly into other stuff, like volunteering. 


I just filled out my application to be a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital in LA, I used to do this in the Dominican Republic. In DR every Sunday I used to go to this place, which doesn’t exist anymore, and I would do whatever I could to help.

I went from 10am to 5pm cleaning, cooking, and changing diapers. Eventually I got involved enough that I had a kid that was my favorite. Unfortunately, I also saw a lot of kids die in there and a lot of people coming in and out.

The craziest things I’ve seen in my life have been in that place but it was such a beautiful experience. I would be sad if I stayed in my house and didn’t do anything about it.

These kids are already sick. There is nothing that is going to help them; no amount of money with help, but a touch, a smile, someone rubbing their heads, will make a huge difference in their lives.

These kids need company, somebody to talk to and take them out. I encourage everyone to make a commitment to making a difference. It will make you a better person.


Rosa Acosta